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Finally ready

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I think after several months off popping on and off this site and being a spectator in the background, I am finally ready to try some kink this weekend. I am up for my first taste. I have finally spoken in the lobby and everyone was friendly and stated it takes time to build your confidence. I explained I’ve been a member for several months and have only just started chatting in the lobby they suggested looking for a event a meet or a party when I was ready. I now believe I am this weekend. 

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Great to hear you plucked up the courage, it takes time and we're a supportive bunch.  Have a great time at your first kink event :) 


It does take time and everyone moves at different paces.  It's important to take things in your own time.

Is there anything particular you're planning on attending?

Whilst I'm sure you're aware - in case you're not (or for the benefit of anyone else in the same boat) don't particularly expect play or plans to happen the first time out and don't be disheartened if it takes a few events.

Attitudes vary by region, but generally as I'd hope you would try to weigh people up so to speak, others will do the same of you and so it may take a little while to build trust, interest or confidence.


The first steps out there are indeed a landmark moment - and a big step.  Hopefully one you'll never look back from.

Good luck.