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Fetish clubs - need advice for nervous newbies

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We are a married couple and have been experimenting at home for a couple of years. My wife is dom and I'm sub. We are curious about going to a fetish club but are nervous. Which clubs are the best? Newbie friendly? What's the dress code? How do you get to a club dressed up? Are you ok to look first time?

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Which clubs are the best?

it depends on what you want out of the club


Newbie friendly?



What's the dress code? 

check on the website of the club you are going to.


How do you get to a club dressed up?

Most clubs have changing facilities.


Are you ok to look first time?


At what?

The majority of clubs don't enforce play.  

Mind, I can think of at one where everyone IS forced to play whether they want to or not and that caused drama recently.


I mean, I'm sorry not to be overly helpful - but for example a lot also depends on whether you wish something local or are happy to travel.

I've just had an amazing night at Play L8 - a new club in Newcastle - but this won't be an event suitable to everybody's desires.

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Its scary isn't it....my husband and I played for about 6 years...we found clubs local and far and would stay in hotels over night Ang get ready there.....the female can wear what ever she likes as sexy or revealing as she wishes....used to wear a very very long cardigan or coat over the top of my clothes then take it off on entry , my husband used to dress normal ie shirt and trousers,  clubs are not as scary as u imagine and all newbìes are in the same  boat ....a good club will show you around first and tell you the rules etc you onlt do what you want to do, you can just watch or have a drink etc if that is what you want there is no pressure, too get playing you need to be friendly and talk to people,  and don't get offended if they don't want to play,  it's tense at first  but hopefully u will all relax and enjoy it, set your own rules b4 u go and keep checking on each other that your both ok and happy to continue,  Don't let jealously get in the way! If your a strong couple you will be ok but don't ever put pressure on each other to play as both people need to be happy.  A good club is Extasia in West Bromwich go to web site and look there.  I have not been for a long while but I know it still exists hope this helps 


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