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I don`t class myself as hardcore … yes I am a Daddy/Dom and yes with that comes the paddles, the floggers and the ropes and restraints, but I`m not 24/7 Mr Strict. I do this because I enjoy kinky fun and I won`t do things I don`t enjoy.. nor do I make a sub do anything she does not get a massive kick out of.
 I`m not on some ego trip, I do this for pleasure and I think that is why I attract the newbies.. which is fine because watching a new sub for fill her fantasies and gain confidence to push their limits and enjoy what they are doing is so rewarding.
 I always work through their fantasies first and make it become reality , because that`s what brought them to the scene in the first place, their fantasy.Its a Dom`s job to create the want and need of the sub to stay and push their boundaries.

A key point for a newbie is safety. If they feel safe and are safe it free`s up there brain to explore and test their limits.
 Broaden their mind to the world of Kinkdom and the opportunities are endless.

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