Where do you go to find new fetish artists? Fetish.com writer Kayla Lords gives her pick of five essential fetish artists.

No matter where you go for your kinky imagery, it’s likely you’ve seen cartoons, photographs, and images older than you are - or in an older style. Have you ever wondered where it came from or who did it?

Essential fetish artists 1: Elmer Batters

Think you might have a foot or stocking fetish? Elmer Batters could be the reason. He was a photographer back in the 1960s, and those were his specialities. In the beginning, Batters self-published his work. However, as foot, stocking, and nylon fetishes grew in popularity, he found that plenty of magazines wanted to share his work, and marked himself out as one of the leading fetish artists in this area.

Essential fetish artists 2: Eric Stanton

Everybody has their thing, and for cartoonist and photographer Eric Stanton, his was female dominance. A contemporary of Batters, you’ll often find their work on display together. Hmmm, a Domme who tortures her submissives by denying them her feet (a la Batters) - I can definitely see that being a fetish for someone.

Essential fetish artists 3: Gene Bilbrew

Gene Bilbrew was an African-American cartoonist who went by several pseudonyms: ENEG, Bondy, and Van Rod. His specialty was forced feminization of men. Most of his work was done in the 1950s.

Essential fetish artists 4: Tom of Finland

One of the better-known fetish artists, Tom of Finland remains an erotic, kinky, and gay fetish art icon. He was either one of the most hated or revered artists to ever come from Finland, depending upon your point of view. Either way, he had a clear and specific style that harkens back to the beginnings of the gay leather community that gave birth to the Old Guard style of kink.

Essential fetish artists 5: Michael Manning

Micahel Manning is the most contemporary of the fetish artists on this list. His style takes you back in time but is no less erotic or kinky. He’s a comic book writer and artist. A well-known fetish artist with a focus on pan-sexuality and BDSM in fantasy or science fiction settings.

Kayla Lords is a freelance writer, sex blogger, and a masochistic babygirl living the 24/7 D/s life. Follow her on her website or on Twitter @Kaylalords.


Have you discovered a new, exciting fetish artist working today? Let us know about them in the comments below or on the Fetish.com forum.


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