Fetish and BDSM have found themselves a place in pop culture - with the ‘best seller’ books and film series ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’. Apparently it’s now trendy to have a ‘fetish’. A newcomer jumping on the fetish bandwagon is  24 year old singer, Selena Gomez. Her latest single ‘Fetish’ is sure to top charts and play in clubs.


Selena Gomez sitting on the floor in front of a door

Selena Gomez pop singer turned fetishist?


If you surf around on the radio or your music listening app of choice you’ll eventually stumble upon her voice. ‘It Ain’t Me’ is the summer hit hailing from pop singer Selena Gomez. The now ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber posted last week on Instagram about her new single, ‘Fetish’ with a 15 second teaser trailer for the new single which features rapper Gucci Mane.


“Take it or leave it
Baby take it or leave it
But I know you won't leave it
'Cause I know that you need it”


The new single will be released on 13 July. If you’re into pop music this might make it to your top summer hits list. Let us know what you think! #Fetish


Selena Gomez standing in front of a smoking car carrying shopping bags


Images Instagram @selenagomez



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