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Gender TV
Age 39
Status Single
Zodiac signs Capricorn

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Hello everyone. My name is Lex. I’m looking to hopefully meet some like minded people on this site for support, friendship and last but not least lots of kink. For most of my life I have not ventured into my true self and Have decided I’d like to change that.

I’m very much open to anything new and interesting. I like both men and women the same and I’d even consider moving if the the right person(s) came into my life where I was able to experience it all as a lifestyle.

I’m technically a man but my whole life I’ve been around women and identify very strongly with females. I’m not a manly man cross dresser at all. As a matter of fact I’m practically passable with the right clothing and make up. I’m even consider making the switch to the other sex if the right opportunities arise.

So for the purposes of being on here I consider myself a female or sheboy as I like to call it. I love dressing up in lingerie and looking hot. I also love to please others in any way I can, I get off on it. As a man I’m typically a dom, but as a female I’m a distinctively sub slave willing to please. As I stated earlier I’m into both men and women equally and this includes groups if the opportunity arises, which I hope it does.

These are the activities that interest me and that I hope some of you you can assist me with. I would love to be in a sub situation with a dom either male or female. I love fantasies, kink, role play, group, bdsm, cuckold. Pleasing a group a of men is something I’d like to try and I fantasize about quite a bit. Im even interested in web cam maybe or any other kinky type activities like swinger parties or events.

Sexually speaking I love to dress slutty and really respond to to taking orders or being told what to do. Dirty talk really excites as do people that know how to take control and make things happen.

Lastly I’d like to say that I’m a very grounded individual. I’m educated, love good conversation, travelling, the arts. I currently live outside of Ontario where I’m originally from and can and will visit as the opportunities arise.

Basically ima blank canvas... so this is also an opportunity for you to get to know me and have me be part of the kink that you are into.

Can’t wait to hear back from some of you. gives you…

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