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Quick playtime for daddy (when sexting goes wrong)

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It's come to my attention that we need to practice making the most of opportunities for you to encourage me to climax. Practice makes perfect you know. I am available in my "study" now for extra mural activities.


I knock on the door to your study and quietly call...daddy?

One moment. I am swapping from pc to my phone

I'm in private xx

Can we set a record together for speedy excitement ???

Sure screw foreplay and fuck me from behind so I don't have to take anything off.


I just want to find a way to fuck you several times a day if needs be so access is important

I stopped wearing underwear around you.

Daddy is already hard so that direct style clearly works

Good girl. We need to find ways to get this cum out when we only have a couple of minutes

Wherever we may be

Daddy, I.m so wet and journey. Will you please fuck my ass?

You like it up there too??

All your holes are mine

Good because the pressure of your cock stretching me while I finger myself has me near the brink.

You Fingering now too??

I want to pull ypur fucking hair tight and cum with you

Can you not feel how fuckin wet I am as your balls slap into my bare pussy?


If not, fuck me harder...what are you waiting for?

Yes baby that's it go for it now

If you pull my hair at this moment I swear I will be done for.

Faster daddy. Harder daddy. Please cum for me.

Yanks hard and whispers cum now you fuck puppet cum now for daddy

Cum for me now.

Pulls you across the room still fucking you

Surely the feel of my clenching pussy is enough to bring you to the edge.

But if not...I ask again...please daddy, cum for me


Wow . I'm breathing so heavily having shot my load

In me?

It's so powerful that I can't use my phone right away. Thank you.

You are truly the best daddy a Girl could hope for.

Lol. If we continue on our shopping trip would you ok if my cream began to drip inside your thigh??

Are shall we assume bedroom games shouldn't be so messy

Only if I get to wear panties.

I'll use my fingers and mouth to lap up the mess. and than we can be on our way.

Good answer I like a pragmatist

Ok so we have succeeded in getting sex down to a very efficient 15 minutes. Hmm. It's not great ...we have to get it down to three minutes to be in with a shout. That kind of improvement will require a step change in methods.

I assume that word means someone who thinks on her feet. I'll look it up later.

I am eager to learn everything you want to teach me.

Maybe if we were in the time zone?? That could help.

I don't want to have to resort to powertools

I'm feeling a bit deflated that you said 15 mins was not great. I desperately want to please you and have not. I assume you will not let me curl up on your lap and nuzzle your neck.

We have this thing called irony. The whole idea that less time to have sex is better than more time I'd a kind of joke. If you get this and are just looking for a batty tantrum to get a spanking then you are heading that way. If not and I've genuinely upset you through miscommunication then I will make it up to you.

Now ...practice your party outfit for Saturday and crawling on all fours up to me to serve me under the table ...there's a good girl.x

I do love being spanked. But have taken up enough of your day. I will go practice my crawl.

Quite right. Your fitting for the ball gag is booked in for Sunday after church. Don't be late.


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If your up for sexting then I'll gladly have fun with you


On 4/5/2022 at 10:18 PM, Sumer1 said:

If your up for sexting then I'll gladly have fun with you


i'll play too!!!

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