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"Eat it my sweet".. Seduction by a voyeuristic nymph

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Part 1

I've not always been an exhibitionist but when Daphne the wood nymph told me it really got her off to see a guy so under her control that he'd learn to saviour that sticky love juice I was curious enough to try.
 The motivation was the look of joy in her eye. I'd seen it before with more sadistic dommes. The ones who would turn the screw just a little bit tighter than bearable to see you squirm and cry. But this was different.


Her lust came from a more benevolent and encouraging place. She genuinely wanted it to be enjoyable and a shared experience that she could begin to indulge whenever the mood took her. Most days at a regular time in fact. Maybe just before she headed off to work.

Anyhow she had decided to make it her mission to lure and seduce that man juice rather than humiliate and she practiced her most seductive sweet whispers which she decided was going to be her weapon of choice. A voyeur needs a strategy and she'd honed hers to perfection.

She trawled the profiles seeking out her prey and was drawn to intellectuals who had expressed a need to still their busy minds and give in to being less thinky.  They could be dom sub or switch it didn't matter but they needed to want yo please her. After all she wanted dutiful obedience. It was important to her that it was her adoring loveliness that was rewarded with a close up of a spunk filled mouth of a ***ly devoted guy. Mmm. WhatsApp would show off her wide eyes and alluring lips and give her a front row view reflecting back the results of her new found power as a seductress. She craved vindication and needed her fix. This was going to be fun and conditioning him to perform just for her would be a delicious hobby.



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