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On Line Dating - Where?


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I am just starting out on this journey again, and have signed up on a number of sites. Thankfully, some like this one are more communities and I like that. I like contributing to and reading the posts of others. It feels like a really nice community with a common kink :-)

What strikes me with a lot of those on-line sites is the commercialism; That you have to part money for an expensive membership to get from the entrance hall to the living room, so to say :-)

Any advice on sites to frequent, including this one, of course?

Also, I live in Watford and I seen there is a Munch in Camden - but is there anywhere, where I can find munches either closer to where I live and/or work?

Another challenge I have, is that I can be away for work from Monday through Thursday evening so it would be good to have a resource, where I can find people to chat to and meet up with.

At this stage, I am more interested in connecting with people. Anything that happens after that is fine, but connecting is more important.

Any pointers you have would be greatly appreciated :-)

Thank you in advance


I hope you get loads of helpful answers to this! 

Just a reminder though, please don't share any external links as those aren't allowed on the forum. 


just had a quick look on another site (fetlife) and theres a monthly munch in watford itself
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