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The Secret Life of a Solo Sub : Primal urges.


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A straight woman on a different forum posed a question online recently regarding what it is about a vulva that people find attractive.  It reminded me of a guy who once scoffed at me for using the word 'beautiful' to describe a cock.  Then it got me thinking.

For me it's arousal that turns me on, not body parts on their own.  A vulva in general (especially stylised artwork of them) is just as much of a turn off as a flaccid penis.

But the look of an aroused vulva... swollen, wet, engorged clitoris, and all.  Now that is arousing.  Just the same as a swollen, fully erect, beautifully veined cock.  Both have a stimulating effect that cuts straight to my core.   And the sound and/or sight of a genuine orgasm (regardless of gender) can turn me from dormant sexuality to full arousal in a split second.

It's the same with pheromones and body language. Sometimes it's hard to pinpoint exactly what it is about a person that you find attractive.  Is it the exquisite angles of the jawline; the slope of the neck; the the subtle micro-expressions that tell you the attraction is mutual;  the intoxicating aroma of their natural scent; or the slightest thrill of being in the presence of such confidence and power?

Whatever it is... Please, Sir!  May I have some more?


Hi J_Darkmoon, Sorry to post thos here, but cannot message you due to filters. Fellow Bible belter here lol Feel free to message me if you'd like to chat. Thanks!

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