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Emma & Karen FF Erotic Scuba


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Here's a story I wrote about 15 years ago, maybe longer. Hope you enjoy!

At nearly six feet tall , 26 year old Emma looked even more elegant as ever, her raven hair fluttering in the wind brushing over her perfectly formed bikini enclosed breasts. She had always had a beautiful figure, but these last few months in the gym had surpassed even her expectations.
She peered into the azure water, eagerly trying to make out the dark shape of the wreck. "I've promised myself this for a long time" she breathily murmured to herself. A glance around showed no signs of any other boats this side of the island, everything was perfect just as anticipated. The sun glinted in her eye, reflecting on the top of the cabinet as she bent down to unlock it, the thought of what was to come making her fingers tremble with anticipation. "Now, mask, check. Fins, weights, regulator, BCD, tank, check". Her eyes lit up, for behind her scuba equipment was her latest black latex treat to herself, a crotchless catsuit, matcthing swim cap and long black gloves. Her heart beating faster, she hastily removed the bikini and set about pulling the cat suit on, with the help of a little baby oil. Now fully clothed in her body hugging black latex, she turned her attention to the scuba equipment. Hiss, the pressure guage showed that there was plenty of air "Now, a quick taste", placing her lucious red lips around the regulator and taking a large breath, exhaling with a quiver. Her niples were becoming errect.
Emma pulled on the swim cap, tucking her hair up to form a small bulge at the back of her head. mask on, fins on, "Ooh, mustn't forget this". Emma's gloved hand reached out and grabbed her long vibrator, stuffed in her reg and leapt into the clear water.
"I feel so fucking horny, I love the sound of my own breathing" The bubbles streamed out of Emmas regulator as she made her way down past the coral to the wreck, an old freighter that had broken up on the reef years ago. "This latex feels great, why didn't I do this sooner?" Emmas breathing became much more intense as she approached twenty metres, unzipping her crotch and gently rubbing her clit with her gloved fingers. "Oh god, fuck yeah" so moaned through the regulator as she approched the sea bed and pushed open the rusting door. It was the ideal place to masturbate without being seen. Emmas friend Karen had often joked about how quiet it was there. Who wanted to see an old freigter when you had crashed warplanes and naval ships the other side of the island.
Emma knelt on the sandy cabin floor and started to pleasure herself, with one hand caressing her tits and the other gently stroking her clit. She sucked hard on the regulator, with each breath filling her lungs her fingers strummed her aching pussy faster. "Fuck me this is good" She arched her back, the yellow tank digging in slightly she took the it off as it was sliding the BCD off her rubbery figure. "Where's that vibrator? As she hungrily sucked again on her reg she looked down and thrust her battery operated friend into her vagina, moaning with delight.
Running her gloved hands all over her rubber covered body, she was in ecstasy. Emma reached up and ripped off her mask, breathing ever faster, she pulled off the swip cap, letting her raven hair dance around her head.

Emmas pussy was aching and she was aching her back wildly. Her hair was all aroung her face as her head moved back and forth with pleasure. Suddenly, Emmas air stopped "Shit, I can't breathe, Fuck, Fuck!" Her heart was really going no and she was on the nearly on the verge of cumming. She thrashed wildly looking for her mask, the tank, wher the hell was the guage. her lungs were begining to burn, confused she burbled out a dribble of air when suddenly her regulator was wrenched out and a new one thrust in. Emma grabbed the reg with both hand and took several lungfuls of air. The vibrator was still humming but Emma did'nt feel it in her pulsating pussy and more. With her composure restored, Emma saw a grinning Karen. "You bitch!" Emma spat from behind the octopus "You could have fucking drowned me, I could't breathe!" Karen shrugged and flashed her tits at Emma, pulled her reg out and poked out her tongue.

Karen was wearing a french cut wet suit her breasts bulging out, more so with each breath. She glanced down at the vibrator, picked it up, and smiled again. Her golden hair was shorter than Emmas but still floated above her head slightly. She looked down at Emmas cylinder and turned the valve back on. Not much air left, Emma should be starting back to the surface very soon.
With a cheekly glint, Karen starting rubbing her clit through her wetsuit with the vibrator. She looked at Emma, took a breath on her reg and started to take off her tank and wetsuit. Naked, she made her way to Emma, took another breath on her reg and delved her tongue deep into Emmas still aching pussy. Emma had known Karen for a few months now, but had never thought she might be bisexual.

Emma breathed hard, she was not far away from orgasm a few minutes ago and her pussy was crying out to cum. Karean replaced her reg and inserted the vibrator into Emmas rubbery body. To Emmas delight, Karen thrust the other half of the vibrator into her own pussy and started rockeing her hips back and forth, moaning gently. Emma knew Karen liked holding her breath and could cum quicker. Emma pointed to the black swim cap lying next to them. Karen could easily hold her breath for four minutes, twice what Emma could achieve. Karen smiled with her eyes, ripped off the mask, sucked on the reg amd pulled the swim cap over her face and over the back of her head, nice and tight. She played with her tits and stroked her rubber covered face whilst increasing her hip movements, both girls were close to orgasm now.

Emmas was finding it harder to breath now, but she didn't care, with a huge burst of bubbles erupting from her reg she she started screaming "Oh god, this is it, harder, harder" Karen was also feeling the beginings of an orgasm, amplified through lack of oxygen, she was becoming euphoric. Almost two minutes had passed now and Emma sucked the last of her air out of the tank. Her gloved hands were still rubbing her tits and face, her lungs were burning but this was great, all thoughts of breathing had passed. She screamed a bubbled "arrrrrgh" as she began to black out , just as Karen was cumming. Karen by now, close to four minutes had begun to claw off the rubber swim cap.

Air leaked out of the side of her mouth as she arched her back with a massive orgasm desperately pulling off the tight swim cap. With a scream, it filled with air and exploded off her face, dazed she grabbed her regulator and took a massive breath "Emma, oh no" Emma was begining to convulse. Karen thrust her octupus in Emmas mouth purged it prayed for Emma to start breathing on her own. Success. Emmas latex enclosed breasts heaved with each breath. Karen put her mask back on and placed Emmas into position. Emma by now was still dazed, but she was alive!

The girls started for the surface, Emma would be fine after a few lugfulls of pure oxygen. Karen had some of this on board her boat.......she knew it was great to breathe pure oxygen whilst fucking!!
The end?.........
It was a month or so since Emma and Karen had had that mind blowing undersea encounter followed by their night of sheer passion exploring each others bodies. Karen was thinking back to the night on her boat, how she and Emma were taking turns to wear her full face mask to breathe pure oxygen, stimulating her sex hungry body and mind. She thouroughly enjoyed watching Emma exlode into orgasm time and time again after shutting off the oxygen valve. Emma was frequently left gasping inside the mask, stroking her tits an moaning.
Today was another typically tropical afternoon and Karen was relaxing by the pool. She yearned for the cool water to immerse her body and without much further ado donned her mask and reg and dived in.

The water was bliss, Karen exhaled and sank to the deepest part of the pool. All she could hear was the gentle hiss of air on demand and the sound of her breath bubbling to the suface. She lay on the bottom and gazed up to the silvery surface, slowly running her fingers over her breasts. Undoing her bikini top, she massaged her breasts together "ooh that feels good" she said through the reg....her nipples were getting harder, her crotch was begining to demand attention.
Karen reached down and removed her bikin bottoms, exposing her shave pussy. Keeping one hand stroking her breast, she took a breath, removed her reg and purged it onto her pussy..."mmmmm....uurrgh" she bubbled. The reg back in, she carressed her body and started masturbating, cumming underwater was a passion for her. Karens cheeks went from puffy to sucked in as her breathing increased, her heart thumped inside her heaving chest "yes...oh fuck...arrgggh", she continued to strum with glee.

Her air was running low, it was not a full tank to begin with as she had had a little play in the villa that morning. Karen closed her eyes and purged her aching pussy again, but she was not alone....
Distracted by her own desires of pleasure, she hadn't noticed the raven haired Emma watching the stream of exhaust bubbles, she hadn't noticed as she shook her head with her erupting orgasms that Emma had in put her own scuba gear on, slipped into the pool, and was approching the now delirously orgasmic Karen from behind.

Emma pulled Karens air hose behing her ripping the reg from Karens lips to leave her flailing around for another breath. Now it was her turn to suffer...Emma spun Karen round and waved her finger..."you want this...you do what I say"
Karen nodded, air burbling from her quivering body which was still mid orgasm. Emma gave her the reg back and turned her around, binding Karens ankles together and her hands behind her tank.
Emma then tied a another piece of line from the hands to the ankles, pulling it taught so Karens legs were to the base of her air tank.

Emma wasted no time playing with her new toy, bending Karen over slightly and purging her own reg under Karens clit so the bubbles would tickle her and then proceed to trickle past her breasts and head, through her floating hair.

Karen was soooo horny and was loving every second. She sucked hard on the reg, and squealed with anticipation...
Emma, who again was in her favourite latex catsuit but with free flowing hair produced a double ended dildo and started rubbing her exposed vagina with it, arching her back with delight. She gazed at Karen with as if to say "I so want to fuck you right now!" and removed her regulator. Smiling at Karen, she removed her beautiful sex toys means of breathing and gave her a passionate, deep tongued kiss.
Satisfied, she replaced her own reg and inserted the long dildo into Karens screaming pussy. Karen was already squirming for breath but the dildo just drove her crazy. Karens eyes now bulging, Emma wrapped her legs around so and supported herself on Karens tank straps. "I need air, I sooo need air...pleeease Emma" Karen began shaking her head and spitting out air in desperation..."Arrgghhhh" Karens lung spewed out all her remaing air as a massive orgasm erupted inside her. Emma quickly thrust the reg back in and Karen panted on it, smiling at her would be assailant.
Emma could see Karen was having to work hard to get a breath now as the air in her tank was almost depleted.
She thrust her hips back and fourth, the sight of Karen struggling for air turning her on invoking memories of her own struggle on Karens boat wearing the shut off oxygen mask. "Ahh, ahh, ahhhh". Emmas own orgasm was coming on strong now and she didn't want to leave just yet.

Emma offered Karen her spare air canister, good for a few more minutes. Karen nodded frantically and greedily sucked from it whilst Emma finished herself off. Both women were now pretty exhausted but felt soooo good....Time to head for the surface?........

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