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She says...

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She says ... 

Take me for you pleasure and thrill  

Have your way and do what you will 

Don’t ask me if I like it or worry about the pain 

Take me again, and again, I want to see all of the game.

She’s wants the full deal no matter the toll, this is what she asks 

It’s meant to be role but  the responsibility is real, 

no masks.

I have her heart and care in my hand and she knows it,

But it’s like she ‘s asked me to look into the wind and throw it .

Like a wild horse needing reins, 

I hold her steady with invisible chains

I tell her she’s mine, so that she calms

It’s  time to kneel and turn up your palms . 

I lay out the crop,  blindfold and rope,

Of changing her mind now she knows there is no hope.

Watching her sat on  the edge of the bed 

Her eyes betray thoughts  for pain,

But getting inside her head,

For me is the real aim.

It’s freedom from the day she hopes to  find 

as I slap her  bare bum and kiss her fair mind.



Dear Goose,

after such a moving piece of writing I was compelled to compose a lymeric- I had some help!!

Written by Sir and me:

there was an young man from Epping

who liked a great deal of pegging

he liked it so hard he bled from the arse

and now he keeps changing the dressing!


much love xxxxx


It’s not easy to make me smile at 5:13 am after no sleep but you both did ,

Morning x

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