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Bunny, Part 13 — The Morning After, and an Unexpected Visitor


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So, we are getting into the meat of the book now — which means there’s some new characters being introduced, and that means more dialogue, and not always leaping straight into the sex bit.  We are also getting into some difficult family territory as well, which may or may not be interesting to people.  That doesn’t mean the sex isn’t happening, it just means the scene and character  building is a thing, and we may take a bit to lead up to it.  I hope you all stay interested. This is based on my life, and the things that made me how I am, so of course it’s interesting to ME — and sometimes ***ful, even. As always, thank you for reading, and for your wonderful comments! 



9 a.m.

JC: Are you up, M. Zoe?

Me: Hello, JC. I am, now.

JC: So. Should we talk about last night? Are we still on for next week’s session? I promise you, nothing like that has ever happened before…

Me: No, for me, either. And next week is still on – but we should definitely talk. 

JC: Can I take you out for a late breakfast? 

Me: Sure.

We agree on a place nearby, and I throw myself together: jeans tucked into motorcycle boots, and a Joy Division t-shirt. I leave my hair down; and for makeup, I just put on my ubiquitous liquid cat eyeliner with mascara, and some subtle lip balm. I’m not in Domme mode for this meeting; even though we’re discussing last night’s session, what occurred between us was on a personal level, so I’m leaving the costumery out of it. 

The quirky little diner affords us some privacy – with its large, widely spaced tables and laid-back waitstaff. JC has arrived before me, and secured us a window-table near the back. I head over and sit down, smiling at him, and say hello in a friendly way – trying to put as much distance between my current self, and the one who was straddling him while his hands were bound behind his back, using every ounce of his restraint to not touch me while I ground myself into orgasm on his lap. I allow myself a moment to take him in as I settle myself into my seat. His massive presence. His clean, crisp, white t-shirt, and dark jeans, rolled at the cuffs. His muscled, tattooed arms resting casually on the table. His mildly scruffy chin, and slicked back, clipped hair. He smells of sandalwood soap. 

“Good morning, JC.”

“Good morning, Mistress Zoe…”

“You can drop the ‘Mistress’ for this conversation” I say, thinking suddenly how much I sound like M from four years ago, speaking to me. I smile a little to myself. 

He takes a deep breath, and looks directly at me. “Ok, then, Zoe. I just wanted to clear the air before we went any further with this…”

“Probably a good idea,” I say, as the waitress comes over to bring our menus. We both get coffees, and she saunters away. 

“Look, I…what happened last night. I’ve never behaved in that way, I can assure you…I just got carried away in the moment. I find you incredibly attractive, and there seemed to be some chemistry…”

“We’re both responsible for how last night went,” I interrupt, setting down my coffee. “But mainly me. I’m the one who’s guiding the Session, and I took it where I wanted it to go, in the end. Where we both wanted it to go…and if you want the truth? I’ve never done that before, either.”

JC gazes steadily at me after I finish speaking — “Oh…I see…So, what should we do? I mean…going forward? Is this…I mean. Do we…?”

I take a deep breath, and look back at him just as directly. “I think…that we need to talk about whether we want to incorporate what is obviously a huge physical attraction into our play. Or…well, I suppose it’s already too late for that, so — the question is, how do we incorporate it?”

JC leans in closer, and says, “All I know is that I wanted you so bad last night, it took everything in me not to throw you onto the floor and fuck you til you begged me to stop.” 

Of course, the waitress chooses that exact moment to come and take our orders – and I’m left fumbling with the menu, randomly picking something as I try to deal with the sudden rush of heat between my legs. God damn him. 

“Yes, well…likewise,” I say, observing the dilation in his eyes, and widening smile. “And we can certainly keep playing with that tension. However,” I say, holding up my hand between us;

“I knew there would be a ‘however’,” he says, smirking wryly.

“However,” I grin, “This isn’t a line I’ve crossed before, and I’m not really sure how to navigate it yet. I’m not going to pretend that I do now. So, because there are things you’ve been clear about that you do want to do already, I don’t want this new development to get in the way of your exploration, or compromise things..so I think we need to take things slowly. Does that make sense?” 

JC sits back in his seat and regards me, eyebrows raised. “I hadn’t actually given that a thought. Chalk it up to thinking with my little head…so to speak. But, yes. That does make sense. And I appreciate that. So, I’ll leave it all up to your discretion. I can control myself, I promise. I’m not about to cross any lines or do anything without your full consent — I think you probably know that at this point.”

“Yes, I do. I did, already — or I would never had taken things as far as I did. Although, full disclosure, part of the turn on for me is knowing you could have.”

JC’s nostrils flare at this, and his skin flushes, his jaw clenching slightly. His muscles in his crossed arms flex, and after a moment, he slowly leans in to whisper, “I wanted to, more than you’ll ever know. Seeing you there, so small, ***, and…turned on. It did something to me. But I’m supposed to be your submissive. Things seem to be getting pretty tangled up here, and we’ve only just started…this usually isn’t even my Kink…”

“Yeah, well…that’s how it is, sometimes,” I say, watching our waitress approach with our food. 

We eat in silence for a bit – or rather, he eats, and I pick at whatever it is I seem to have ordered, thinking about our strange situation. JC eats like a horse. After he polishes off his plate, he sits back and looks at me. 

“Another thing I didn’t even think about, but — I’m really not comfortable with the idea of paying you for sex — and it occurs to me you probably aren’t either. So there’s that, as well. I’m sorry if I insulted you with that implication.”

“Right…that’s another aspect of this whole mess. I mean…I shouldn’t say it’s a mess, it’s simply…an unforeseen complication? So, I say we still stick with the no actual fucking during our sessions for the moment, and…just figure the rest out as we go along…”

JC leans in a bit closer, the scent of sandalwood washing over me. “And…outside our sessions…?”

“Let me think about that one,” I say, biting my lip and feeling my face flush. 

“Fair enough”, he says softly. 

We call for the check, and JC pays. We walk out together, and he kisses me lingeringly on the cheek before we part ways, his hand resting on my waist – with a promise to touch base before next Saturday. 

And that’s when my phone rings. 



Hello? Sis? It’s me, Jake!

Jake? Oh my fucking God! Where are you? Are you OK? 

I’m here! I’m in Chicago! I’m right in front of your fucking apartment, haha! Where are you?

What? Are you serious? You’re here? Oh my God, don’t move! I’m like ten minutes away! 

Ok, I’m not going anywhere — do you have anything to eat? I’m starving! 

Yeah, yeah, of course! And…Jake, are you…are you OK? I mean…

Yeah, yeah, Sis…I’m totally good. Don’t worry. I’m just really hungry. You’ll be here soon? 

Five minutes, tops, Kiddo. Love you. Don’t go anywhere. OK?

Staying right here! Love you, Sis.

Love you, Kiddo.


Jake. My heart aches with the need to see my baby brother — along with an almost unbearable mixture of trepidation and love. I stop to take out my emergency pack of smokes, light one, close my eyes, and exhale slowly. 

Oh, shit.


Red talk chat discuss I love it really looking forward to where we are going and what's happening next the intrigue once again builds loving it

9 hours ago, Mickey10 said:

Red talk chat discuss I love it really looking forward to where we are going and what's happening next the intrigue once again builds loving it

Thank you, Mickey! I’m glad it’s proving interesting 💜

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