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One Fine Afternoon

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Kinky stories and role play fantasies. My own original work, my own fantasies (and experiences).


I listen as you enter, the door not quite slamming and your footfalls heavy. I already know, before you can say a word, that you need- maybe even crave- my complete obedience. This isn't the time to push you, to test you, or to try your patience. It's one of my favorite times... to sooth you.

I stop washing the dishes, quickly drying my hands. Just in time to see and hear you....

"Hello Diana..." Your voice hits my core, my body already softening, already responding. I smile a hello to you. But before I can move, you are already on top of me. You kiss me deeply, my eyes close, my breasts aching, my pussy already soft and wet. In my ear, you growl "I need you Diana..."

"Yes, Master" I whisper. I already know you do. You lock eyes with me, shaking your head slightly, as if I didn't hear you correctly.

"I'm feeling mean, Diana. I won't be nice..."

I smile again, reaching up one hand to touch your chest, your arm. "It's okay, Master. I won't break. I promise..." And I mean it; I won't break. So little time has passed since our first encounter in your office. And yet, I know that as "mean" as you want to be, as hard and rough as you will be, you won't deliberately hurt me.

You whip me around. It seems my consent was enough. I am held tight against you, your hands sliding up my arms to squeeze my breasts. You push me toward the table, bending me over and nearly ripping off my leggings. Any other day, I would complain about that. I would protest and bemoan the loss of my precious clothes. I would whine and complain. But not now. Not today. I saw the fire in your eyes. There was a deep seated need for my compliance. I don't know what triggered it, but I do know that I meant what I said. I won't break.

There is no petting from you today. With my pussy exposed and my ass in the air, I know it's entirely your choice. And still, still you kiss me deeply again. This is how I know. This is how I'm sure you won't hurt me.

"Aaahh!" Moans and groans escape my lips. Your cock ramming deep into my pussy, again and again. And I know that it won't stop. I know that today, you need more than my pussy and compliance. You need my ass....

"Tell me Diana, tell me whose pussy this is!" You sound guttural, your voice almost grave.

"Yours!" I shout. It's true. Ever since that day... you've made it yours.

In and out. In... And out... "I'm going to use you, Diana. Any way I want."

"Yes, Master." My pussy clenches around your cock, my heart racing.

"I'm going to fuck you anyway I want, anyhow I want." Your words sound harsh, cruel to the outsider. But I know... I know I can give you what you want.

"Yes Master. Anything, I'm all yours. My ass, my pussy, my breasts, my mouth, it's all yours Master!" I know what you want. I want it too. My ass wiggles high in the air even as you continue slow, hard thrusts into my pussy.

"Is it Diana? Is it mine? Tell me, do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes Master, please! Please, fuck my ass. It's yours.... all yours," I'm already cumming, soft and pliable. You've been training my ass for days. And I know it will hurt, but I trust you. "Aaaahh! Mmmnn," I sob and scream as your cock penetrates my ass. You ram into me, hard, fast, relentless thrusts that have me screaming out for you. 

"Cum for me Diana!" My orgasm rushes over me as I cry out. When you cum, I can feel it dripping down my thighs. My knees are weak, spent and shaky. And after? You still give me a soft kiss at the nape of my neck. You swat my bottom, demanding I get you a drink, and make your way to the chair.

I do my best not to spill your coffee as I walk toward you on shaking legs. I set it beside you and kneel between your legs.

"Look at the mess you made Diana," you growl.

"I know Master," I whisper, already leaning in...


It sounds like you’ve been inside my imagination choreographing a scene. Your writing came alive off the page making me feel like I could have been there. Job well done. Keep writing.


that was beautiful


That is so lovely diana, i wish it was the face master face you cum so master could lick all your cum


Well done your story was thought provoking stuff x

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