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Is that weird? Or fine? I dunno.


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Hey everyone, 

I´m new to this forum. I think I might have a fetish. I am a transman pre surgery but on T. And I wished to be transformed by someone. I want them to tell me how to look. Let me have surgerys to look like they want me to.  I really want to be someones perfect Toyboy

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I can't say this with much authority (I'm a cis het man) but I know this is somewhat common in trans women, so it figures it'd happen in trans men also.  

I feel, obviously that transition is such a big thing and I can understand wanting to become the best version of yourself.   So, my input is that this isn't weird, it's totally understandable. 


I don't think this is weird either.  I am with eyemblacksheep on this.  What I would say is that before you go changing into something, settle into the results of the transition first, and feel comfortable with yourself and what you have become physically.  Let that process finish, and then search out a connection with a view to having a long term relationship with someone you trust, and then go through whatever surgery you both feel comfortable with.  There is no point in charging head on into something, spending *** on trying to achieve an outcome, when that outcome may NOT be something your going to be happy with.  YOU are going to be the new you for a long time, so find that person within that you are going to be happy with being. 

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