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Waiting for Master

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I wonder what that first time would be like... Maybe we would go out. Maybe we just stay in. But the whole time through, I would wonder... 

When will the transformation happen? When will this charming southern born and bred gentleman become Master? Would I see it simmering in your eyes throughout the day? Like a slow burning fire, just waiting for the right moment? What will happen the first time you say "Good girl?" Will my heart beat a little faster? Will my breathing catch ever so slightly? Will my pussy soften? 

Just the thought has turned my nipples to tight hard buds, yearning for a touch. I can feel my heart beating fast and slow at the same time. The anticipation building steadily over time, a little more each day.

Until then...


It's getting harder to resist, Master. I know you said not to touch, but... I really want to. 


My fingertips gently graze the tops of my breast, nails scraping softly. My eyes close; it's then that I can see your beautiful green eyes staring deep, your lips curved up in an all-knowing smirk. My chest rising and falling, muscles tensing in anticipation. But I remember what you said.

"Don't touch. You can think about it, dream about it. Wash and keep that pussy clean, but don't you dare linger." 

Fuck, Daddy... I'm not strong enough for this. 

My knees sway back and forth, falling open on the bed. I bite my lip. Soft moans escaping my lips. 

Please, Daddy, please... 

Light, little circles play at my thighs. My back arches, hips rocking back and forth. Back... and forth. 

Please, Daddy? Pretty please...? 

Fingertips stroke the waistband of my panties, causing little goosebumps to break out across my skin. Hot, heavy tears fill my eyes, rolling down the sides of my face. 

Daddy, please! 

Soft tufts of hair, warm supple flesh. So close... so very close... 


It's getting harder to resist, Master. I really want to make you proud, though.

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