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Against The Call of Nature: (From the journal ordered kept by a male submissive)

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March 3, 2020:

8:00 p.m. I had been ordered to put on my sky blue, polka dot panties. They are the soft cotton panties that Mistress always has me wear during a session. She says they frame my ass nicely. I have never thought of myself as particularly good looking. I have always carried a little extra around the middle and it makes me feel self-conscious when Mistress has me parade around in nothing but my panties.

She always chuckles when she sees my penis at half mast inside them. She always jokes that she should cage it. But she never has. I think she likes the *** factor of having me remain masculine of appearance, knowing full well that she has me in panties, stockings, and a slip under my man clothes.

Something was different tonight. She had me put my jeans on over my panties. She has reminded me that I did not do an assigned chore today and now I'm being punished. Thoughts race through my head. What will it be? Am I to be flogged, whipped, made to scrub all the floors with a tooth brush, or something new?

She says that I am to keep drinking water slowly for the next 4 hours. I am to concentrate on holding my bladder until midnight. If I leak or spill, then I will be punished. She says that she might just make me wait all night until I just can't possibly hold it anymore. She might make me piss myself on purpose. Either way, I am to keep my jeans on over my panties and keep sipping water. And in an hour, I have to go outside and walk the dogs. I'm feeling a little worried already.

9:30 p.m. I am thinking that the punishment here is to humiliate me and make me feel ashamed about having forgotten my chore. I've only been an hour and 20 minutes and I'm getting misty eyed and achy. There's no way 4 hours is even reasonable. I made it through walking the dogs, but sitting at my desk is pressing on it. I think she wants me to fail. It makes my gut tingle.

10:00 p.m. My pelvis is aching. Mistress told me to put the water away and put on my pajamas for bed. She says it is bed time. Walking into the bedroom to change, I find she has pulled out a couple of our spare blankets, tri-folded them and laid it over my side of the bed. She says we're going to lie in bed and listen to an audio book until midnight. I made it to pulling up my pajama bottoms and lying down, then Mistress reached over and grabbed my nipple so hard it made me yell.

Then it happened...no... oh god... I tried to stop it but when she heard my panicky moan, then looked over and saw the little puddle on my pajamas, she just chuckled and said, "Might as well finish now you dirty little slut!"

"Mistress, Please," I begged. She sat up in the bed and reached for the other nipple.

"Do it, slut!" I couldn't stop it. I panicked, I clenched, I tried to hold it in. But it was just too much. The relief was so intense that my eyes dripped tears as I quivered on the blankets.

11:00 p.m. My punishment is not only to sleep all night in my puddle, but to get on my phone, get onto my fetish page, and post: "Hi, I'm a dirty little sissy princess who pees the bed like a little girl." She's watching me type this. Everyone can see it. I feel so humiliated. I guess next time I'll do the dishes when she leaves me a note to do them while she's out.


Punishment is to correct behavior so it doesn’t occur again. Looks like you learned to do your chores in the future. Lesson learned.



11 hours ago, Leisa said:

Punishment is to correct behavior so it doesn’t occur again. Looks like you learned to do your chores in the future. Lesson learned.

Yes, this was based on a real incident,  but embellished with a little humor. Since her health issues, she has taken more of a "hands off" approach to our play. This incident was roughly five years ago. It was only this year that she decided that "outsourcing" my needs as a switch was necessary.  I do have many of these little mini stories to share though. 🙂

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