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A New Situation: (A daily writing exercise)

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A New Situation: (A daily writing exercise)

Note: This will be an evolving tale of many parts. I will be writing each part once per day. It could end up being 10 parts, it could be 100. We shall see. Watch it unfold and enjoy!
Josette was the third girl to be sent to this estate. She knew that each before her had worked for the master for several years, then retired handsomly, having married and taken with them a large severance.

The raven haired girl was barely 19 and had never served in a formal house. She still couldn't understand why she was chosen over the many older and more experienced young women.

As Josette approached the great house her senses were filled with the flowers of every color that lined the inside of the great iron fence. The gate was open to allow her carriage entrance. She marveled at the great stature of the ironwork birds at the top of the gate.

The carriage pulled to a stop at the cobblestone path that led to a great oaken door. Her yellow dress fluttered as she approached. When she came to the door, there were large windows to either side. She couldn't help but notice the tall man, with the deep blue eyes watching her and smiling. She felt a bit self conscious at the clear lack of decorum. He seemed to leer at her in a lecivious manner.

He was dressed in a black suit tailored to fit his strong build. He was immaculate in apoearance, all the way to the sculpted tuft of grey hair on his chin. But, those eyes. She found herself lost in them. It was a long moment before she ***d herself to look away and pretend to adjust her dress. The man in the window was clearly chuckling at her as her face flushed red.

She lifted the brass knocker and rapped three times. The door opened and there stood a matronly woman in an immaculate uniform. Josette thought it odd that such a lady would reveal her knees and display so much of her coal grey stockings.

"I am Mrs. McRay. Welcome to Dyson manner. I will be instructing you in your training as a servant of this house." Josette immediately realized that Mrs. McRay was Irish of decent. Her greying red hair was confirmation.

"I'll have the coachman carry your bags up to your door dear. Yours is the second door to the right atop the staicase. Go on yp now and freshen yourself. You'll be weary from the trip. I'll be up in a bit."

Josette did as instructed and went to the second door, opened it, and peered inside. What met her eyes was a grand bed chamber with a four post bed, that had a bright silken canopy.

The walls were furnished with bright tapestries depicting designs she had never seen before. She walked to he dressing table near the window and saw a basin of water, a washcloth, and a note.

"Freshen yourself and dress in the uniform laid out for you. Dinner is at 6:00 Sharp. You will meet Mrs. McRay for your instructions at 5:00. You will find her in the service area of the kitchen, which is located just behind the stairs. Do not be late."

Josette knew that it was nearly 4:30 now. She rushed to do as instructed. As she let her dress fall to the floor, she noticed the large mirror on the opposite wall. She saw only her reflection but had a distinct feeling of being watched, reminding her of the moment when she looked up to meet the eyes of that man.

She dipped the cloth in the water that was still warm above room temperature. She slowly caressed every part of her naked body with the cloth. She lifted each foot to the bed to wipe away the sweat from the trip.

As she approached the bed she saw the uniform. The dress matched the short black dress worn by Mrs. McRay. There were the coal gray stockings. And, there, next to the stockings were a pair of panties and a brazier that matched the black of the dress.

"The master of the house requires a uniform all the way down to these?"

Her fingers ran across the most delicate material she had ever seen. It was some type of silk. The softness of the material left goose flesh on her legs as she pulled them up and into place.

Then she sat to put on the stockings. They too were soft and made her feel a little flush when she pulled them to her thighs. She would ignore the impulse to touch herself. There was no time for that now.

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A New Situation: (Learning Curve)

Josette rushed to the serving area. She adjusted buttons and straightened seams as she walked quickly down the great staircase. When she entered the serving area, she saw Mrs. McRay and a a wan, pale girl who looked as though she must be in her late twenties. Josette could not help noticing that the girl kept her eyes downcast. "That one o'er there is Annetta. She donna speak the kin's English. The master speaks to her in her Native Italian. She's been ere long enough that I jus point and snap and she knows what I'm after."

Josette decided she wouldn't inquire further but instead asked, "And, what will my duties be tonight?"

"You are to set the table for the Master's supper, Said Mr's McRay as she rushed about shaking herbs over the chopped potatoes and sliding them into the oven. "Begin wi the plates love," She said pointing.

Josette took the plates, noticing that there were four setting laid out. "Are we to join him?" 

"Ah, no lass. We eat after the master has retired from the table. We do not eat offa  the fine china."

"Then, why am I setting four..."

As she entered the dining area, Josette was startled as she was cut off by the voice of the master who was already sitting in the dining room. "You set four, because I tell you to set four."

"Yes, M'lord," Josette bowed. "I meant no disrespect."

The master smiled at seeing her response. This was a young lady that had studied her etiquette. Josette's hands shook a little as she realized that this was the man she thought so rude for staring at her in such a familiar way through the window. As she set the forth plate, it slipped from her fingers and made a sound as it tapped the table just a little too hard.

"Those belonged to my late mother, girl. They were purchased forty years ago by my late father. You must be taught respect for the items in this house." He stood from the table and was met almost immediately by Mr's McRay. 

"She meant ne harm Sir, and there was no damage done. I can reprimand her sternly and make her scrub the floors of the kitchen," Mr's Mcray offered.

"But, will she have learned her lesson?" Lord Dyson stood and walked to Josette, turning her sharply toward the table. "Lower your stockings and panties, Josette."

Josette looked horrified at the request and began to shake her head. "Best not to argue," Said Mr's McRay, lowering her eyes.

Josette's mind raced, what filthy, evil kind of man was this Master Dyson? Then she heard the sound of leather slapping against the hand of the master just behind her. She flushed with ***. Then, something in her decided to comply. She slowly lowered the stockings to her knees not really knowing why she did. Then, with trembling fingers, she lowered the panties. Her soft rump was now exposed to the cool air.  

"You will receive ten lashes," He was cut off by Mr's McRay who said, "Oh, sir, surely a first offense..." He stopped her with the wave of his hand.

The master sighed heavily. "You are lucky Mrs' McRay likes you. You will receive five lashes. You will count them and with each count, you will say, 'I'm sorry Master, it will never happen again.' Do you understand?"

Josette looked to the eyes of Mr's McRay, who only nodded as if to suggest that a response was prudent. "Yes, Master," she found herself saying before she could stop it. Her eyes blazed with defiance, but she remained n place. Then it came.

The first lash of the belt landed firmly across both of her ass cheeks. A tiny squeal escaped her lips as the burn began to set in. "One...her voice quivered...I'm sorry Master, it will never happen again."

Smack! "Two...I'm sorry Master, it will never happen again." Why was she allowing this indignity? Why was she complying with this act of utter filth? Never had she suffered such an indignity. Never before had she...wanted to. Her eyes began to drip tears as the *** of the lashes melted into a tingling, burning sensation. She anticipated the next lash just as it came.

"Three...I'm sorry Master, it will never happen again."

Mrs' McRay looked almost as if she wanted to cry herself. But she remained firm and did not intervene. Twice more the lashes came. And by the time she had finished the words, "Five...I'm sorry Master, it will never happen again," she was full on crying. But she was not crying from the ***, she was crying from embarrassment of having her center drip onto the panties as the last lash sent a tingle to her very core. 

"Dress yourself, girl!" The master threw the belt to the table. "Mrs. McRay, take our new girl to her room, sooth her, freshen her up, and bring her back down to eat. I will have Annetta finish my supper."

"Yes, Master," Mr's McRay bowed and took Josette by the arm. "Come wit me dear, we shall have a talk about expectations of the master for his house."

Josette could only cry and quiver as she followed up the staircase to her room.

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23 minutes ago, Leisa said:

And so the journey begins. Intriguing.

I think it will be interesting because I am actually writing this "on the fly." The scenarios are unfolding in my brain as I go. That's why I may miss a few typos and whatnot. 🙂

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Sorry guys, I had something come up last night and didn't get to post this,  But this is what was in my head. Enjoy! 

(Question: Do I need to quit trying to type Mrs. McRay's accent? Or is it coming through okay?)


A Mew Situation, Part Three, House Mother

Mrs. McRay assisted a sobbing Josette into her stately quarters and closed the door behind them. "Yell be aright love. Get undressed and go lie on te bed. Josette's rump still burned from the belt and she cringed hoping that Mrs. McRay wouldn't notice that her panties were wet with her sweetness. She blushed and hid them away quickly under the dress.

"Ye needn't be so embarrassed love, Yell foind that te master has a way of makin' that happen whether ye want it to er no." Mrs. McRay Gingerly touched Josette's cheek, wiping away a tear.

Gently. she turned Josette over onto her belly and carefully ran a finger along one of the welts. Josette squirmed and sobbed at the touch. "Why is he so cruel?" Was all that she could manage to *** through her sobs.

"Tis no out of cruelty that he does such things, love. He merely wants all of his ladies to be of the highest caliber. And, for tha te happen, ye must understand yer limits. Once ye understand yer own limits, it is impossible for any man, even Master Dyson to cross them. Because yer strong enough ne'er te let it happen."

"I would never let a man do that to me... Josette paused and took a deep breath... like that ever gain." Her voice melted into a quivering sigh as the coolness of the washcloth dabbed at her buttocks. Her emotions swirled in her head and she sobbed into her pillow. 

"There, there, little one, tis no so bad as all tha." Mrs. McRay began to gently caress the salve of her own making into Josettes red bottom. Josette felt immediate relief from the sting. She felt a little nervous and confused as Mrs. McRay's gentle hands continued past the butt and down her legs. She gasped and pulled her head from the pillow.

"What are you doing?" She asked, trying to sound shocked. 

"Relax, love, I'm just going to help you relax so you can rest a bit." Mrs' McRay gingerly rolled Josette to her back and rubbed her shoulders and neck with the salve. Josette's nostrils flared at the scent of the herbs in the salve. She looked nervously at Mrs. McRay as she realized that she was becoming aroused by her touch. 

She pursed her lips and said, "Please..." as Mrs. McRay continued down her arms and to her hands, making certain to firmly rub every finger. 

"I'll no do a ting ye don't want done, love. I'll stop if ye like." She pulled her hands away, smiling reassuringly at Josette.

Josette looked at her with a mix of *** and pleasure in her eyes. "No, please... don't stop." Josette clasped Mrs. Mcray's hands and brought them to her belly. Mr's McRay only smiled as she continued down Josette's belly and then purposely avoided Josettes moistening center. Josette watched her intently as she continued down each leg and to her feet. Josette sighed at the sensation of Mr's McRay's firm but gentle fingers caressing each toe. 

Mrs. Mcray smiled sweetly and said, "There, now, love, don tha feel better? I'll leave this here on the dresser should you feel you need more." Mrs. McRay's smile seemed to turn to a lascivious grin for an instant, then back to sweetness.

Josette startled. It was as if she knew that Josette was thinking about touching herself. "Thank you Ma'am," was all she could manage. 

"Don be long love, Supper is trown out by 9:00. Yell no have a bite if yer a moment past. Mrs. McRay turned and adjiusted herself in the mirror for a moment, then patted her hair. "Ill wait fer ye in tha serving room." She opened the door and turned to cast one last glance in Josette's direction before pulling the door to. Josette picked up the container of salve and opened her legs.

Mrs. McRay made a stop in the direct center of the hallway. She pulled back the edge of the large tapestry that hung there, revealing a small door. She opened the door and ducked into the little room. Sitting in a chair directly in front of the large window was Master Dyson. She walked up behind him and asked, "Was that to yer likin love?"

"Beautiful as always my darling," he said to her tenderly as he caressed and then kissed the hand that was offered over his shoulder. "She seems at ease with you. That's good."

"Tha would be why ye made me the house mother, love." Mrs' McRay bent and kissed the master's cheek. 

"Precisely why, darling." He reached up to place a hand on her ample breast and gave a tight squeeze as he returned the kissing gesture.  They both turned to watch as Josette bent her knees and tilted her head back in pleasure. 

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As Josette entered the serving area, she was met by Anetta who offered a sympathetic smile and a plate of still warm roast and potatoes. As Josette sat at the small corner table and began to eat as though she had been unfed for a week, Anetta, poured her a glass of the cheap wine that they kept around for merely washing down their dinner. Josette smiled and nodded a thank you.

Annetta smiled and sat across form her. The slender, pale girl of Mediterranean features was pretty in her way. Josette could not help watching her as she ate her own meal. Between bites, Annetta said in a slow, broken tone, "I have only little English. Master teach some to me. Mrs. McRay do not know I erm..."

Josette smiled and offered, "Understand?"

"Yes," Annetta smiled back. "Understand more than she think."

Mrs' McRay entered the serving area and chuckled, both girls looked up half startled. "Mrs. McRay knows exactly how much English you know, ma dear. I jus like when ya jump and scurry fer me." All three women laughed together.

It was then that the master entered the room. "Ah, I see the tears of earlier are gone, Josette. It occurs to me that we need to have a talk about my actions." He smiled at her and said, "When you have finished, meet me in the sitting room. There are some things I should explain."

The three ladies finished their meal and Josette assisted Annetta in cleaning the dishes. Then Josette made her way to the sitting room with a nervous knot in her belly.

As she entered, the master sat in a large, overstuffed chair with decorated covers over each arm and over the head of the chair. He sat with his back to her looking out the window across from him. "When you look out that window, what do you see, Josette?"

Josette approached the window and the master put out a hand to stop her. "You neglected to ask whether you should approach."

Josette bowed her head. "It seems I am forgetting a great many things, such as where in the contract for my services, whipping with a belt was listed."

The master looked as though he was going to stand up and slap her as he took a deep breath, but then Josette realized her misinterpretation of his body language as he let out a belly laugh. "You are a strong willed young lady, aren't you?"

Josette smiled. "I have been called worse by my own father, Sir."

"Likely, your father did not appreciate your..." he paused... "spirit as much as I do." He took her by the hand and turned her to face him. "Tell me Josette, do you understand the difference between consent and compliance?"

Josette was puzzled by the question in relation to the conversation that had started, but she responded, "Yes, Milord, compliance is the mere acceptance of a thing for the sake of getting the thing over with, whereas consent is wanting to do the thing in the first place and agreeing to it being done."

"An educated answer, my dear. I'm impressed." The master looked at her with something new in his eyes. "In the dining room, when I punished you, was that compliance or consent?"

Josette bit her lip knowing the answer she wanted to give, but remained silent.

Master Dyson looked pulled her to a position directly in front of his chair. "You were merely complying until the first strike fell, then something changed. "What was it?"

Josette flushed and looked at her feet as he said, "You wanted those last three strikes, didn't you? It made you wet to receive them, didn't it?"

Josettes blush turned to a dark purple as she pulled away and turned to the window. "I hardly think that appropriate conversation between the lord of a house and his servant."

"Ah, that magnificent fire. I knew I had chosen well with you. You are not only a servant in my house Josette. You are to be trained as a lady of this house and a successful member of our society. I will teach you to be a strong and independent woman, who does not need a man to take care of her. I will make you a dominant person in your business and your relationships."

Josette frowned as she turned back to face him. "At the rough end of a belt?"

The master too k a firm but quiet tone. "Come here, Josette." He raised an eyebrow at her then added, "Now."

Josette complied and walked to him a look of defiance on her face. She looked down at his eyes that had now completely changed their aspect and in the light from the window had lightened in color. He gestured to his feet and said, "Kneel for me, Josette."

The tenderness now displayed in both his voice and his eyes, made her knees weak, Before she moved he said, "If you will."

This was not his earlier tone. She looked into his eyes and saw a mist there. "Please," He added tenderly. This all took her so by surprise that her hearts felt conflicted, her mind was trying to analyze it all, and her knees bent, leaving her on the floor between his feet. What was happening to her? She now looked up at him, her face a mix of wonder and ***.

The master reached out and gently caressed her cheek. He brushed the hair back over her left ear. She quivered at the touch of gentle fingers that only an hour and a half ago were wielding a belt. "I don't understand," was all she could manage.

"I am not a cruel man by nature, Josette. Other men are rapists, ***rs, ***rs, and worse. And a good many of them even do so under the guise of a Christian marriage. I may seem a monster to some, Josette. But ultimately, the things I do are for you, even the ***."

She looked up with tears welling in her eyes, "And what am I to be for you?"

"You are to be my faithful servant. and I am your master. Can you repeat that and mean it?"

Josette thought a moment, tears beginning to flow. "I am your faithful servant and you are my Master."

He smiled. "You will give me your devotion and I will give you my protection and my love. Say it."

Josette let the tears flow freely now. "I will give you my devotion and you will give me your protection and your love."

He reached out and tenderly wiped away some of the tears. "You will accept whatever training I give, in exchange for lessons it holds."

He did not have to prompt her this time. "I will accept whatever training you give, in exchange for the lessons it holds."

"Good girl." He stood and pulled her to her feet. He gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek as she let out a sigh of release of the *** and tension she had been holding.

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Josette had been with the house a week when Master Dyson came to her and asked if she was ready to complete the next step of her training. She had not received any spankings in roughly 6 days since he had made her kneel in front of him in the sitting room.  Although, she did notice that the master had been watching her as she dusted the railing of the stairs. She no longer felt self-conscious but experienced a small swell of pride in knowing that she could catch his eye in such a way. 

She purposely kept her legs erect as she bent at the waist, reaching down to clean the bottoms of each support railing. She knew she was exposing her panties and stockings to him as she did so. And the master knew that she knew. He smiled, shook his head, and went about his business at the desk that sat next to the large window where she had first seen him. He continued writing and shuffling papers, pretending not to see her girlish attempts to get his attention.

This game went on for an entire week before he finally approached her as she was dusting the large windows, and slapped her squarely on the left butt cheek. She let out a surprised squeal. "Have I done something wrong, Sir?" She gave him a coy smile.

"It would seem, that you enjoy displaying yourself to those around you." He turned her to face him. "Since you enjoy making a public display of yourself, we shall give you what you enjoy." He pulled from the desk drawer, a length of rope, grabbed her wrists and secured them together. He marched her to the window as a horrified look came over her pretty face. 

"Master, please, I..." The master pulled a pocket handkerchief from his jacket, pulled her jaw open to interrupt her words, placed the center of the cloth in her mouth, and said, "Bite."

Josette did so and he wrapped the ends behind her black hair, securing them with a knot.  "You have been a naughty girl. You have spent a week teasing me and trying to get me to react. But we are not on your schedule my little coquette. We are on mine."

A mumbled "Yrrs Sirr" came through the gag. The master turned her to face the large window that opened out into the court yard. The groundskeeper was clearly visible at the gate. He was trimming the rose bushes. He turned just in time to see the master of the house place the bound wrists of the little black haired house girl over her head and suspend them from a hook that she had not before this moment noticed in the top of the window frame.  It ***d her to stand on tiptoes to be in this position.

Her breasts pressed against the cold glass of the window and her nipples immediately reacted. The master pulled up her skirts revealing her panties and stockings. Then, he roughly pulled the panties and stockings to her ankles. "You will remain here until it is time to serve my dinner. Then I will release you. You had better hope that I have no visitors for the day. Because I will not cover or hide one of my most prized possessions."

The groundskeeper gawked and smiled. Josette flushed with embarrassment and hot tears flowed down her cheeks. "A lady of my house does not act like a common prostitute. She is to act in all ways refined. Is that clear?" 

Josette nodded and pleaded with her eyes. She looked to the groundskeeper who had gone back to trimming the roses.  "Don't worry about old Donald, pet. He will not take advantage of your position.  Though he may remember what he saw here," He paused to run a finger directly up the center of her pelvis, "For his personal amusement later on."

The touch of the master's finger on her moist nether regions, made her shiver and give a tiny gasp beneath the gag. Then the master simply left her there. After a moment she heard Mrs. McRay's voice asking, "Fer how long, Sir?"

"She will remain until it is time to prepare the table. Then you may take her down and have her pull herself together." The master walked up the staircase, purposely clicking his heels to the wood, to make it clear that he was leaving the room.

Mr's McRay cast a glance at Annetta who shook her head and bit her lip. "Yes, you remember tha lesson, don ya?" Annetta just quietly nodded. 

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After having served the night's meal to the master, Josette ate her own meal, alone, in the serving area. She couldn't help pondering the day's events and the shame she felt being placed on display. Though she tried to hold it in, an overwhelming flood of emotion spilled from her and she began to cry. Her sobs brought a sympathetic Annetta to her side. Annetta sat and brushed Josette's hair out of her tear soaked face.

"He is not do these things for evil," Annetta said in her heavily accented and slightly broken English. "He is teach us to be as ladies."

"What he did to me was not at all gentlemanly and did not make me feel at all like a lady." Josette sobbed after every third word. She looked into the eyes of Annetta, who gently caressed tears from her face.

"Is to remind us we serve him and he tell us how."

"Are we to be his whores, then?"Josette had ceased her sobbing and was getting red in the face now."

Annetta merely shook her head at the implication. She leaned in and kissed Josette on the forehead. "We cannot know how to be as ladies are, if we do not know how they are not."

Josette smiled at the confused phrasing but she got the gist. All of this familiarity, the massage from Mrs. McRay and now the sweet tenderness from Annetta had Josette feeling confused and embarrassed at the mild arousal she felt at Annettas gentle caress.

Annetta sensed her trepidation and took her by the hands pulling her to her feet. "We wash dishes, then talk more in private."

When they had finished cleaning the kitchen, the two young women walked up the staircase to Josette's room. Annetta smiled and looked at Josette. "Is alright I come in?"

"Yes, I need someone to talk to right now." Josette smiled and held the door open for Annetta to pass by. Annetta puurposely slid a hand across Josette's shoulder as she entered. Josette had a knot in her gut. Was this turning into what she thought it was?

Annetta sat on the edge of the bed, facing the dressing table that held the wash basin. "I can help you learn the ways of the master. I can help you feel more in home."

"At home," Josette corrected.

"At home," Annetta repeated, "You will help me speak English better."

"That seems a fair trade," Josette smiled. She walked to the dressing table and pulled the ribbon from her hair, letting it fall in a cascade over her shoulders.

Annetta stood and took up the hairbrush that lay next to the wash basin. She began gently stroking the brush through Josette's hair. Josette sighed at the gentle touch. Annetta began unfastening Josette's dress and for an instant, Josette wanted to turn and stop her. But the feeling subsided when she felt Annetta's soft fingers at her neck. She surrendered to the touch of Annetta's hands caressing her shoulders, then beginning a massage at the base of the neck.

Then it happened, the knot in her gut exploded into a burning flame as Annetta's soft lips fell to the base of her neck. "I..." she wanted desperately to stop Anetta, then desperately wanted her not to stop. The conflict in her chest caused her to breathe a little faster as she turned to face the sweet Italian girl who now began unfastening her own dress.

Josette wanted to stop what happened next, but couldn't. Her desire to be touched, held, and comforted overtook her. She needed to explore this frightening thing. She needed to know what it held for her. "Is this proper?" She feigned concern at propriety.

Annetta smiled at her and began pulling the stockings down Josette's legs. "Is proper for friend to comfort friend, yes?"

Josette stepped out of the stockings and realized her entire lower pelvis was wet. Annetta smiled up at her from the floor and tugged at the moist panties. As the panties fell to her ankles, Josette stepped out of them and walked around the kneeling beauty to the bed. She sat on the bed and parted her legs.

What was happening, why was she falling to these feelings that part of her knew were wrong. Annetta began gently caressing Josette's thighs and Josette played with her hair. Josette closed her eyes anticipating what was to come next. Annetta stole a quick glance in the direction of the giant wall mirror, then lifted each of Josette's knees and rested them on her shoulders.

Josette released a heavy, quivering sigh as Annetta's warm mouth found its target. The sigh turned to a gasp and then a moan as Annetta's tongue probed into her. And from behind the mirror, the master grinned.


The master was sitting at his desk in his office, working on the papers for his latest business endeavor. He heard Josette's footfalls before she spoke. H turned to look at her and saw that she had an expression of shame and anger on her face. "What is it, my dear?"

"It is you. It is Annetta. It is everything in this house that is happening to me. You speak of teaching me to be a lady and yet you have me engaging in the most unladylike behaviors." Josette sat herself in the chair on the other side of the desk,

Master Dyson looked into her eyes with an intense gaze. She had seen this before when she was compelled to kneel for him and again, the other day, at the window. "I told you that you would be trained as a lady of this house Josette. A lady of MY house." 

The way he emphasized the words My House, made her eyebrow raise and her lip curl in an expression of distaste. "And is a lady of YOUR HOUSE to be only an object for the sexual desires of all therein?" She looked at him indignantly.

The master stood from his chair and walked to the window. "I suppose that your induction into my ways has been a little abrupt. You were not really given a chance to question our conversation in the sitting room. I have given you no direct protocols beyond how I like my dinner serd my house to be cleaned. That is an omission I intend to correct right now. " He returned to his chair and she tensed.

Josette looked at him intently and quietly said, "You have given me nothing beyond a beating, a scolding, and displaying my like a whore for the world to see."

"The gardener is hardly the whole world, my dear." He grinned at her.

"Hardly my point... Master." Her tone was one of disgust as she spat the word.

"To begin with, little one," he smiled at her and stood again. "You were in no way ***d to come here. You are being paid a handsome salary for your time here. And, you have not been coerced into doing things like you did with Annetta last night."

She looked up at him with shock on her face. "She told you?"

He put up a hand in gesture for her to wait. "No. There is nothing that goes on in my house that I do not know about. But, your confidence was not breached by Annetta. I have watched you since you came to my door. I have seen your interactions with the others. And, I have seen you reading the books in my library."

Josette pondered a moment. "The mirrors." The dawning of the realization flooded out of her lips before she could stop it.

"Well deduced, little one. They were originally put in place as a means for my great grandfather to keep an eye on the soldiers that visited his house. He had to know who was loyal to his king and who was not." He looked at her deeply.

"And now," Josette smirked, "they are used to engage in voyeurism and invade the privacy of those you would call ladies." 

The master sighed and stood. He walked to the window again and looked out. "They are no different than the windows on the exterior of the house, my dear. They are used to observe the world around me, for the purpose of better understanding my own place within it. Though, I do admit that your entry into my world has provided me a new level of...satisfaction."

Josette blushed at the implication. "And, what are my new rules to be?"

The master walked to her and took her in an embrace. "They are simple, my dear." He leaned in and whispered in her ear in a tone that gave her chills. His hot breath caressed her ear as he said, "I will aske the questions and you will be taught the proper responses."

"Yes, sir." Josette felt that sensation of melting into his touch again. What was this power he had over her?

"Who are you?"

"I am your faithful servant and you are my Master."

"Very good. And what is it we give each other?"

 "I will give you my devotion and you will give me your protection and your love."

"Yes, my darling. 

He did not have to prompt her this time. "I will accept whatever training you give, in exchange for the lessons it holds."

"Good girl." He gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. "Now the harder questions. Follow me."

Josette took his hand and found herself guided to a door that led to a long staircase.  They walked to the base of the stair case where Josette say a large chamber, lit by many candle lanterns. Her eyes grew wide and she shook with ***. "Am I to be ***d now? What have I done?"

The master guided her to a wooden table over which was d***d a thick blanket of blue. At the head of the table was a pillow. Was this when he finally took her? Was this to be where he took her? "Disrobe yourself."

Josette flushed with self awareness as her nipples hardened and her center moistened at the command. "Yes, Master."

When she had finished dropping the panties to the cold floor, she became intensely aware of the temperature of the room. The chill gave her goose flesh. She looked to him with eyes of scared anticipation. "Now, lie down," he commanded. "On your belly."

She complied still frightened of the extreme ease with which he could command her. She rested herself as comfortable as her tense body would allow. The master began caressing her flesh and it made her jump at first. "Please, Josette, don't be afraid of me. I never want you to *** me."

His fingers became strong as they massaged her neck, then her shoulders. His touch was gentle but firm. It gave her the sensation of each muscle relaxing under his touch. He progressed lower and the tension left her back as she sighed.  As he reached her buttocks, she couldn't stop the soft moan that emerged from her.

"This will be some of the training you have vowed to accept. There is a lesson to be had." He rolled her to her belly and she saw that he held two swaths of cloth in his hand. one black and one red. He tied a knot in the center of the red cloth and pressed the knot to her lips. "Open."

She opened her lips and accepted the knot. He pulled the ends of the cloth around her head and tied them. The black cloth, he placed gently over her eyes. Tying it around her head he said, "You will nod your head or shake it to indicate your responses. "Do you understand?"

She nodded her head and began to quiver in anticipation. The master leaned in and whispered in her ear, "The next question is, do you trust me?"

There was a pause before she fought the impulse to shake and gave a small nod. She felt the master's hands on her breasts, gently palpitating them. His thumbs flicked over her nipples and she gave a little muffled gasp. "You must learn to trust that I will never damage your heart, mind, body, or soul. You must trust that any ***s, any tests of your fortitude are meant to assist you in building your fortitude."

Again, a slow nod. The master took a candle from its holder on the wall and, raising it about three feet over the table, let fall some of the wax. As it splashed to Josette's belly, she let out a momentary cry of shock and ***. He had performed this ritual before, he knew that she was not seriously hurt but that her body was shocked by the new sensation. He plucked the hardening wax from her flesh and said, "I will need you to be able to answer me. He placed the candle back in the holder and reached to release her from the gag. 

"Why are you doing this?" Her voice quivered with a mix of excitement, ***, and...pleasure. Pleasure? How could she be feeling that? She wanted desperately to escape, to run, to hide. But something in her held her fast to the table. 

"I am doing this because it is required for you to be able to answer the next questions honestly." He raised the candle above her again and let fall another stream of the hot wax. This time, he drew a line from her bellybutton to her breasts. Josette cried out, then bit her lip. "Do you trust me, Josette?"

She felt the tears being soaked up by the blindfold. "I - trust - you."

A stream of wax was dripped to each foot. Josette's body jumped at the sensation. Her mind raced. Why did this feel good? Why did it feel right? What was happening to her? The master leaned in to whisper in her ear again. "Will you give me your body?"

Her whole being ached to give him more than that. She wanted him to take her sex, to take her chastity, to take her soul. "I will give you my body."

The master raised the candle one last time and let fall a stream of searing heat that fell to her mound, drizzling over her clitoris and between her legs to the blanket. She let out a crying, gasping moan of pleasure and ***. "And, will you give me your ***?"

She wept openly. It became clear in that instant just exactly what he meant. Her life as an orphan, her history of being ***d by the man that was supposed to be her adopted father, her short stint as a prostitute, and her failed attempt at taking her own life.  She became intensely aware of the scar from the knife that had only pierced a tiny way into her belly before she passed out from the ***. It was The head of the agency that had found her lying there on the street, bleeding. It all flashed before her eyes in an instant. She wept more intensely now as she said, "I will give you my ***."

The master removed the blindfold, having placed the candle back in its holder. She looked up at him with tears still streaming from her eyes. Gently the master plucked to cooled wax from her lower regions as he smiled at her. "The last question will wait for now,"

He lifted her torso tenderly from the table and turned her to face him. He pulled her to him in an embrace. As she wept on his shoulder he caressed her back. The convulsions of her crying subsided and became deep sighing breaths.

"I know where you came from. I know what life you have led to this point. I asked Mrs. Worthington at the agency to give me all of the details before I hired you. You will never have to live like that again."

She let out a new sob and pressed herself into his shoulder. "Then, why me? Am I worthy to be a lady of your house?"

He hugged her tightly. "Oh, my dear, sweet, Josette, you are more worthy of being a lady of this house than any of those men who rejected you are worthy of having one. They could not see you as I do. They were not worthy of you."

She looked into his eyes. What she saw there was a strength, an honor, and an admiration of her that she had never imagined coming from the eyes of any man. Leaving her sitting on the table he knelt and picked up her clothes. He gently placed each foot into the panties and slid them to her thighs. He rolled the stockings, prepping them to go over the panties, then tenderly slid them to meet the panties at her thighs.

Lastly, he placed her dress over her head and let it fall to the table. She placed her arms in their respective holes and looked at him, her lower regions still uncovered. He looked at her. and she blushed at the tenderness that had replaced the ***. He lifted her from the table and placed her on her feet. He dipped a finger into her center as he had done at the window last week. She moaned at the ache that filled her belly. He lifted the finger to his mouth and sucked it. 

"That," he said, "you will give me of your own accord, in your own time, when you are ready to answer the last question. Dress yourself, Josette. Mrs. McRay will be looking for you. It is time to prep the kitchen for dinner." He turned and walked up the stairs without her, knowing full well the state in which he was leaving her. 

When Josette emerged from the basement door, she looked around to be certain nobody saw her leave. She began to head for the serving area. Mrs. McRay's voice came from the top of the stairs. "There you are dear. We have a meal to prepare."

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