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feet plz read

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Feet fetish seens very rare on 99 % of the sites no one talks about it this is a first for me,ive tried to tell a few friends but ive mostly kept it hidden,when you ask some can i see a picture of your feet it never happens i get lol or blocked,i was asked yeaterday am i a dom or sub ?i said neither they said why are you on this site go away i said feet fetish happy to found this much luv to all the feet lovers


Feet is one of the biggest fetishes in the BDSM community.  You would be surprised just how many love it.

You do not need to be a submissive to enjoy it either but as far as messaging goes if you are asking a stranger to see her feet maybe that's why you are getting the LOL or blocked.  

You haven't explained how you are going about trying to get people to talk about the topic.  


So - you're in a foot fetish section of the forum where there are numerous topics and people talking about it.   

But, if you're approaching strangers expecting them to talk about your fetish, for you, for your gratification and entertainment - they have no incentive to do so.

If you are cold asking ladies for feet pictures - that's actually rude and creepy so is probably why they don't wish to engage with you.   

If you want someone to show you their feet - perhaps make it seem like you're interested in them first; with seeing their feet just an added bonus.   


Ask someone to see any part of their body, will end with the same result. The feet, or what ever belongs to a person. Respect that person, get to know that person first. It's the same in all walks of life. It's like the first kiss, it takes time, there has to be a connection , it has feeling, when you have taken time to know the person
Here, you may well get blocked or laughed at. It's no different than walking into a bar, hello can I have a pint if larger and show me your feet. I'm sure it would not be a lol you get. Take your time, show respect, connect and then when you step both comfortable, start talking about your kink.


As mentioned above, feet is very big in the fetish world, this is why why so many women make a business out of it. So not sure where your search or look but it’s everywhere. Now if you approach someone with that line expect the door slam at your face.

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Very much love to mrs inbox me if thats ok

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Right it’s like people think it weird but practically normal i a foot fetish and it hard to find a people that like that type of stuff🤔
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