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Fun game ideas?

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What are your favorite games to play with your sub? Do you have a dice game? Do you have a reward or punishment game? A timer game? Gather A to Z bdsm items? The games could be sexual or non sexual. Just looking for some new things to do with my sub! I am in a FLR, and married to my sub. Would love to hear your ideas. 


One game I love is “you get to have an orgasm”. I made this up and play it with subs. Their goal is to reach an orgasm but that is completely under my control. They have to do as I say, I might ask for a kiss, or for them to lick like a kitten, and for the pleasure they give me I give to them back. So the more they please the closer they are to me giving them an orgasm through various means,


If you are into tease and denial, you could tie him up, tease him and use him however you like. Depending on how he performs, you could give him a reward or tell him to do a better job next time if he wants to cum.


Prize wheels can be fun.  They can be mixed 50/50 with nice things and not so nice things... or, depending on your mood - can stack up one way or another.

Any form of numbers game also where the number can then represent something you make up on the spot.... so a 1 could be 1 week of doing the dishes.  A 5 could be how many times you get to orgasm before they do.  So on. 


Or as per @eyemblacksheep's idea, make up a set of cards with the same nice/not so nice  'prizes' and have the sub pick one.


One that I’m sure a lot of people have done is playing a game with your dom/sub. It could be checkers, Rock Paper Scissors, anything. If the sub wins, he gets a reward. If the domme wins, she gets to use him however she wants; whether that means a punishment or not is up to her.

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Here’s some quick ideas. Mostly sexual since that’s just how I roll 😂

-Roll dice for number of orgasms (either he gets if you like making him come multiple times in a single session or how many orgasms you get before you play with him), number of edging times, number of days in chastity. You can add additional die if you’d like higher numbers as well. 

-Stranger role play where you meet up at a bar and pretend to be strangers for the night (or role play in general)

-Assign numbers to erogenous zones and then another set of numbers to actions (lick, suck, etc)... roll dice to see what body part and roll again to see what action. Apparently there are actual dice for this but you can use regular die as well as 10 or 12 sided ones.

-If switching, flip a coin then set a timer for who’s on top. Re-flip as desired.

-Have a night where your sub isn’t allowed to move. If they move, has to pleasure you (for set time or until you decide) before you resume touching sub again 

-If you have a remote vibe (they also make remote vibrating cock rings and anal plugs, I believe), doing some semi public play. 

-Truth or dare 

-There are some couples board and card games, some of which have challenges in them.

-Strip poker (or select an action) or strip twister 

-If you’re sports fans, assigning rewards or actions for if your team reaches a certain number of points, bases, etc. 

-Hide and seek... would be fun for him to find the toy you want to use on him that night or the lingerie he can expect you to wear. 

- Have him blindfolded and have him guess different implements. Possibly add punishments if he gets them wrong. Great for sensation play and adding in creative items. 


I also found quite a list on the Romancoholic website under “44 sexy games for couples.” So that might be worth a check as well. 

Have fun! 

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