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Mistress Liz' Party Games


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As you will have realised now Liz was a very Kinky Mistress. 

She used to play party games with me a part of the game equipment.  One of the favourite games was Golf. But using a riding crop instead of a golf club, much safer inside the house.  A game where II would lie on my back, hold my cock straight up at the base and they would put a golf TEE down into  it with one of those little plastic training balls with the holes in it on top.  Sometimes there would be a target like a laundry basket or box they had to hit.  Sometimes it was just a matter of hitting the ball without hitting my dick. That rarely happened BTW.  I used to get so hard every the tip of that riding crop struck me.

The other game was “ The Peg Game”.  Basically I was tied to a door frame with my hands above my head.  Then they would clip clothes pegs/pins  all over my dick and balls with one on each of my nipples.  Once I was set up, they would stand behind some arbitrary line and have to flick 1 peg at a time off with a riding crop. Every time they flicked only one peg off they got a point. It they hit my cock or knocked off more than one, there was some penalty, like having to have a shot of tequila or similar.  The last two to go were the one on my nipples. That was ***ful!!!

After the game, I would be used for pleasure.

it made me very very horny.

 I enjoyed my Dick being the focus of attention from a group of women

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