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Finding Sanity Part 5

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Disclaimer: My own original work, my own fantasies and experiences.


In a world where we have seen one thing right after another. Where there is so much that is truly out of our control, I find comfort with Master. Even for a few stolen moments. As a submissive, a pet and slave, I concede that control to my Master. I become something more. I become his safe place and he becomes my haven. It thrills me to make him proud. And he takes great pride in my growth and trust.


I'm feeling a little nostalgic. I miss my Master. And I long for the moment where we can relearn each other. It won't be back to normal. But we can find and create our own normal.


Onward then.



Master closed his eyes briefly. This was its own form of ***. Sweet, wet heat wrapped itself around his cock, a silky tongue rubbing the underside of his cock. Soft, small hands cupping and gently tugging on his balls. 


Beautiful brown eyes staring lovingly back at him. Chiquita certainly knew how to use that mouth when she wanted. 


He buried his hand in her hair. Not needing to guide her up and down, simply holding on. He smiled. Thrusting once deeper into her mouth. Chiquita closed her eyes, a soft gasp escaping her lips right before he felt her moan. So he did it again. Twice, and three times. She gagged just a little, but kept up her pace. 


"Fuck," he grumbled. "I think we found something you're definitely good at, slave."  


She hummed her agreement, and his jaw tightened. He was close. So close


"Tell me little slut," he groaned. "Do you want Master's cum?" His tangled fingers held her head still. 


"Mmhmm," she hummed. 


"Hmm, I don't know," Master whispered. "I don't think you deserve it." With that he pulled her away. His thick cock straining, pulsing. "Go get a towel and clean this mess up, slut." 


Chiquita frowned, tears building. With her vision water, she crawled toward the bathroom.  


"Bring it back in your mouth, slave."  


When she came back into view, her face was red. Master could see the tears building but refusing to fall. That just won't do


"Give it." Master held out his hand. 


She opened her mouth, dropping the towel into his waiting hand and turned away.  


"Can't my cock smelling like a slut's mouth, now can I?" 


She was furious. Her whole body screamed with tension. She didn't say a word, but he knew. She took a deep breathe. Had he let her, she would have walked or crawled right out of the room. 


So, just before she started moving, he grabbed her. Wrapping an arm around her waist, he hauled her back against his front, ignoring how she tried to get away. 


"Slut." He whispered into her ear. He was inside her before she could respond. He pinned her shoulders to the floor with one hand, the other holding her hip. He pounded against her, thrusting deeper, faster, and harder.  


Her tears fell. Finally. And her eyes clouded with lust again. She moaned and whimpered, "please, please Master, please." A desperate chant over and over again. Music to his ears. 


"Yes pet, cum," he groaned. "Cum with me, now!" 


And so they did. He held her long after they came. Kissing her back, her neck, her cheeks. Stroking her face and hair.  "Good girl." 


"Thank you Master," she whispered. She was soft and pliant against him.


"This," one hand covered her pussy, another covered her breast,  "is mine." He slid his hand over her body, a bold and sure stroke. "You gave me all of this, remember?"  


She nodded. "Yes Master." 


"You don't get to touch it unless I say so, are we clear?"  


"Yes Master." 


"Except for showers and bathroom stuff. Or changing clothes." He put his chin atop her head. "Okay, you can touch, but you can't linger." 


She smiled. And she understood. "Yes Master." That was when she saw the box on the bed. "What's that?" 


He followed the direction of her gaze. "Oh that?" His wolfish grin should have been warning enough. "That, my lovely pet, is for you. Go get it." 


Tentatively, she crawled away, her thighs still slick with cum. Master just watched her. She picked up the box, looking back at Master.  


"Go ahead, open it." 


She did. And she gasped. Nestled inside a velvet mold was a stainless steel plug with an emerald handle. 


He was on her in an instant. "We’re just getting started, pet. It's been a long month, after all." 


And this, dear reader,  was what they came here for. Away from the chaos of their every day lives. Far away from any lock down or virus. Far from the traditional roles of parenting and working. Away from the restrictions and prying eyes of the vanilla world. This was their refuge. Where she could give herself over to him and he could take all control of an otherwise unpredictable world. This was their haven, their safe place. And here, they would always find sanity.





I hope you all find your safe havens.

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