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Ball busting women?


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had this kink as long as I remember, I kinda recently have craved more than ever to be kicked in the balls by a woman, I have no clue why I dont even understand my own kink, it drives me crazy sometimes, Im 31 and have never been kicked there. Im shy as hell and cant see myself ever going to a mistress/dom. ...I wish I could, how do I even go about finding willing women to do this...I mean its not that normal is it? what do women think about this..do any women enjoy it..ughh its frustrating when your as shy as me and just wish to live out this fantasy, I dont know what to do!

  • 3 years later...

I spent a lot of time thinking about the same thing. Here's how my fetish got started.

Let me tell you about two of my fetishes and the origins of one of them. The first I was born with. A raging foot fetish. I didn't choose it.  It chose me. I never knew it was not normal until I was in my early ***s and learned that breasts and pussy were to be sought after in a hot chick. When I was a little kid, I would watch the Brady Bunch and when Marcia was on, my erection grew as if on its own. No differently than many other kids, I'm sure. But the difference was, I was looking at her feet. I don't think the other kids were. Even then, it's what was programmed into me. 

My other interest is ball busting. Why on earth would anyone be into that? I've heard that question a lot. But for me it's not just a kick in the balls. It's also the power exchange between all men and all women. At the end of the day men will always be submissive to women because of the vulnerability of their testicles. Then there's the enigma of the female foot. How can something that can provide such pleasure (for me anyhow) also create such horrible, emasculating, nauseating *** if deployed to a man's testicles? That paradox, the contrast and most of all the power exchange just turns me on. Even as I type, I am getting hard. But since women can always go for the balls and kick you right where it hurts at any moment, it's scary for boys to walk around and feel safe. Guard your balls gentlemen!! That's my advice to any man stupid enough to challenge a woman physically.

In August 1974 two things happened. One would rock the world the other just mine.... I was at summer day camp, age six and in a group of kids of about twenty boys just like me. The baseball field we wanted to play on was occupied by an older group of girls.  They were older, about nine or ten years old.

We tried to get them to move off the field, but that wasn't going to happen. No matter how nicely or nasty we asked, they continued to say no. We were at an impasse, so it was decided that a fight would settle the matter. One boy from our group would fight one gal from their group. The winner’s group gets the field. Simple. Our group’s name was the Apaches and hers was called the Chippewas. As bad luck would have it, I was the one from our group selected to fight. 

I was a fool. I had no idea what I was in for. I was a scrawny kid and not prone to fighting. I’d never been in a fight. So I go out there to square off with her and I'm so ready to punch this girl, Barbara, like they do on Popeye or Bugs Bunny I wound up, with my arm going around in circles just like in the cartoons. I pranced around the baseball field like an idiot for two or three minutes. Then it happened. 

She faked as if she was going to move away, but in fact she took a step towards me and kicked me right square in the balls. 

I can’t even explain to you what that was like. First of all, what are balls? We have these things called balls? And if you get hit there it hurts more than anything in the whole world? Nobody told me about this?? I didn't get the memo on balls and their vulnerability. Bad news for six year-old Marc! I wish someone would have told me about the balls and what that all meant. 

When she kicked me, the feelings of *** and deep ache into the center of each testicle was immense. I flopped on the ground curled up in a ball, puke/heaving and crying like a little boy….which I was.  Then Barbara walked right up to where I was crumpled and slipped her foot out of her gym shoe. She pushed it into my face while I lie there dying and crying. 

“Smell my feet you little bitch.” she said, and then she made me smell her feet while she laughed and mocked me.

Everyone from both camp groups was laughing at me. It was *** beyond anything I’d ever experienced up to that time and beyond anything I ever have since. I felt so weak and emasculated. How could she do that? It’s not fair! I thought she said she wouldn't go for the balls. Famous last words, huh? I got home from camp that afternoon. I planned on having a chat with Mom about all of this. But nobody would pay any attention to me when I got home. All the grown-ups were glued to the TV watching this guy called Nixon resign from the office of the Presidency. I didn't know what all of that meant back then, but the adults were completely absorbed by this. 

Two momentous things happened that day. The president resigned in disgrace. I received a kick where it hurts and a life lesson about men and women. Lucky me! 

Nobody wanted to hear about my first kick in the balls. It made me sad then. But I hope you enjoyed hearing about it now.


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