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Are kinksters less ashamed to be themselves?

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It stems from a heart to heart discussion with a very close female friend,she admitted that she gets alot more enjoyment from being naughty....bondage etc...than from normal sex.Thinking about it...So do I. Are we , in the fetish community...more willing to explore what really turns us on..and not be ashamed to admit it?

On a personal note,I feel that we are really lucky to admit our loves and to have the courage to take the plunge and explore our hidden desires.As far as I am concerned,t takes alot more courage to be truthful  to ones self...than it does to live a lie.

Do I think I am normal? In a way yes....because I am not afraid to live with who I really am. A statement that only members could understand...!..Is normal sex a gateway for those who are willing to explore a normal relationship further...or a stumbling block...for those who have been brought up to believe that there is nothing more pleasurable than a normal relationship..!....Cassie

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This is a great thread and I feel incredibly liberated in the kink- I lived vanilla for 40 years- frustrated and unsatisified often seeking out my desires in wrong and unhealthy places. Being able to define what I want in a sexual relationship as well as in an emotional relationship I have found the recipe for what suits me. 

Having found this community I love the manner in which people communicate and express themselves- there is a freedom which transcends the restrictions of mainstream society. 

Are we normal? Yes

do we deserve the same respect as other? Yes

do we have to challenge perceptions and prejudice? Yes

are we proud? Yes

being kink for me is a sexual orientation, I can’t be any other way therefore coming to terms with who I am, for me .... was relatively easy. I think because I came to this position later than some which means many aspects of my life have happened in a sense.... I am secure emotionally and professionally which gives me space to explore sexually.  I would never go back to vanilla and can’t wait to explore what is to come!! Confidence and emancipation from constraint and social construct is the best!! 

Kink rules!!!

Fire 🔥

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Still living the vanilla life . Fantasies are get more extreme.  Wanting to try new things. Building up the courage to step out and try.

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