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Last Night Will Everlast


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He awoke, walked to the bathroom, and saw, the mirror. He stood there with a black eye and sore arm. He looked at the mark, thought to himself, " Woah! what did I-Woah... ..." he paused, as he remembered the imprint of his mistress that will last his life. Not a physical imprint, but a mental imprint that makes his body shake even to this day.
She sat on the couch, playing on her phone (possibly texting other guys) he was right next to her. He was watching TV but only for his favorite show. The show is only on once a week. He was glad his mistress was pleased with him. He had done the dishes, swept and mopped, and was putting off cleaning the bathroom until his show was over...
After his show was done, he stood up and his mistress called out his name softly but firmly. He looked and answered "yes? My mistress?" With pure confidence and curiosity. "Your mistress wants to sympathize for what she is about to do." She stands, softly grabbing his hand as if leading him. "Have you cleaned the bathroom?" She inquired. "Not yet my lovely mistress." She looks at him with satisfaction and confidence.
She had patiently and consciously waited for him to ask the question "My mistress?" She looks him in the eyes, "lay down." He looks in confusion, "yes my mistress" as he lays down. He was watching her as she stripped to her panties. Her thighs slightly jiggled as her pants slowly descended to her feet. She looks at him and asks him, "No fighting?" She looks at him in pleasure, "Do you know what's about to happen here?" Knowing it was a rhetorical question he nodded as confirm his ignorance of her plans.
She takes a step as to position her ass on his face. He feels as if he cannot breath. He lifts his right hand to signal that he needed air. She lifts and speaks, "I will try this again." She sets herself on his chest. She feels her gut roll and gurgle. Then, she says, "on second thought..." she lifts herself into a hover over his face, "open your mouth, I need to go." As he opens his mouth she asks, "Are you ready??" He didnt get even a millisecond to nod, As she drips a little feces into his mouth. He struggled not to gag, his reflexes were too much, he felt he had to vomit. Her ass still hovering over him, she turned, "I hope you're ok...!" She said in a playful manner. He mumbled, "UHHHUHH!"
Her bowels began to release a large bubble of gas, he flinched at the sound. The both of them could not hold it in any longer, they burst into laughter. After a full fit of laughter she commanded him, "Open." He opened his mouth to receive the rest of her excrement. After she was done she told him she'd need to be licked clean. His acceptance proved his adoration and love for his mistress.
Later that night as he walked into the bathroom to clean up, he slipped hit his eye on the sink and bruised his shoulder on the toilet. He thought of a pun... "lord!? Can my day get any shittier!?" He cleaned the bathroom almost spotless, tired, he went to their room, and recited the pun.
From that moment on, he remembered that day as the 'shittiest' day of his life.

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