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Jen’s Submission Part 1


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Jen walks hand in hand with Jason into the doorway of his house not knowing what to expect next, but knowing her life will be forever changed. They’ve been working together for 3 years, and while they’ve each exchanged flirtatious glances and subtle hints of their desire for one another, up until today Jason’s touch has been mere fantasy for her. It was purely coincidence that her fantasies took a turn for reality; a somewhat embarrassing, but rather erotic coincidence.

She thought she’d been in the office by herself that Saturday morning and needing a quick release from the stress of her ongoing work she found herself massaging her neck, then her nipples and finally her swollen clit. She hadn’t realized Jason slipped in and had been watching her until she heard the creak of the floorboard outside her slightly cracked door. She was so close to cumming; she needed the release so bad, and in that split moment of wanton desire, she was filled with an excitement at knowing someone was watching her.

He watched her skillfully pleasure herself; tugging on her perfect, taut, nipples, and fingering her perfect, wet, pussy. He’d wanted her for years; tied up, wet, and begging for what he had to give her, and now, after seeing her in this moment of ecstasy he knew he was going to take her.

He opened her door, making her very aware of his presence, and in a seductive, low, but demanding voice, he told her he was going to have his way with her. He was done with her flirtatious gestures, seductive smiles, and “accidental” brushes up against him. He knew she wanted him to, but could she submit to him the way he needed?

She momentarily lost thought of her oncoming climax and shuddered; both with embarrassment and with pure desire. Jason told her he knew she wanted him and that if she was willing to accept his offer; with no argument; no questions, that he was going to give her the most intense and exciting 24 hours of her life she’d ever had.

Though embarrassed, she had to admit she was too intrigued, and if she were honest, too turned on by his mere presence to do anything but hear what he was offering. She uttered the words, as best as she could while embarrassed, wet, and on display for him “tell me more.”

He gave her a deliciously seductive smile that made her cringe with desire. He began, “for the next 24 hours I want you to be my submissive, wanton, slut.” She scoffed at him trying to utter the words that she was nobody’s slut, but her body betrayed her; she could feel her nipples tightening and her pussy glistening and wet. She knew he could see her desire too, and if he were being honest with himself, he’d fantasized many times about her being wet and displayed for him as she was now.

Despite her initial reaction, he could see in her eyes that she was born to be submissive. Her eyes twinkled, he assumed without her even realizing, every time he asserted himself in the slightest way.

He continued on, “if you accept my offer, you will leave your clothes, attitude, and ***s behind, and you will give me your 100% trust without question, knowing that I will take your body and mind to such a state of heightened awareness and pleasure that you will never go back to a vanilla lifestyle again; even if you chose to explore your needs with someone other than me.”

She gasped; not even sure in this moment if it was excitement or *** or both, but knowing she needed more; anything to get him to put out the aching fire burning within her. She shook her head yes at his offer not knowing what took over in her body; questioning with her mind if this man she’d been fantasizing about for years was the man of her dreams or nightmares. She knew a little about BDSM, she’d watched porn, and heard stories; she was not a prude, but she also knew that while some of these things drove her fantasies, she had never done anything in reality.

As they drove to his house he spoke to her of the things he planned to do to her; spank her and flog her, for the years of teasing him with her sexy body with no release ever given, tie her up and blindfold her bringing her to the brink of climax over and over until she’d cry and beg for any release; he had so much to do and so little time. His only hope was that at the end of their short journey she would beg for more; never wanting to turn away from him again.

She squirmed in the seat next to him, obviously turned on. He could see her nipples harden through her blouse as he spoke of his plans for her, and the mere sight of her squirming for him with such desire made his cock ache in his pants.

They pulled into his garage and he shut the door behind them. “Take off your clothes; slowly, seductively. I want to see your large, perky, breasts as they are released from your blouse; I want to watch as your juices drip down the insides of your thighs, knowing not what is to come, but not being able to control the sweet wetness from flowing from your pussy as you imagine what I have in store for you. Do not take your eyes off of me or I will spank your ass”......

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