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What do Dominatrixes look for in a slave?


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I was wondering what Dominatrixes look for in a slave because i have been unable to find a mistress. So i was wondering what certain qualities does a mistress/dominatrix look for in a male sub. Also is there anything that I can add to my profile to meet a mistress easier. I will do anything a dominatrix will want and i will fulfill all their demands but this is not enough so please help.

Having a quick peek on your profile can I suggest that you add at least one photo so that people know who they‚Äôre responding to, it might help ūüėä
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It's probably just a matter of distance. When we belong to a Specialty Group like this one, it's hard to remember that we are spread out pretty wide. Finding somebody nearby with our specific Kinks is like finding a needle in a haystack.

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I mistyped a word

what do they look for - well - different things... but here are some tips which will improve your chances.

Add a photo or photos (and verify your account) this means they know who they are dealing with.  I have learned that attitude trumps looks, but still - it's nice to have a name to face.  Dominatrix and Mistress should be capitalised in your 'looking for'/profile

"I will do anything" is not at all helpful to anyone.  What are your interests? What sort of things in your head do you imagine doing?  Remember Mistresses are not fetish dispensers, but having a good idea of what makes you tick, what you would be interested in trying, etc. can help with compatibility.

You state your only limit is Financial Domination.  So, first off, this is unlikely to be your only limit - but I think at your stage it's more important to state what you are interested in, rather than what you are not.   The other thing is being cautious about being negative towards ***, sometimes guys seem so anti "paying" that it gives off the impression they're tight.

You're only 18. It may take time.  Your age may be off-putting to some.  Seek to increase your knowledge of the lifestyle and learn - this helps demonstrate your understanding, this means more may be interested in giving you a chance.  A lot of people at some point have invested time in someone new/inexperienced and it's been time wasted because their understanding of submission is wide of the mark or a fantasy - so the more confident you are with knowledge of the lifestyle  the more confidence this gives people that you are interested in the lifestyle and not just a quick win or fetishes dispensed.

But, if you are interested - then treating it as a marathon rather than a sprint is a good move... and... well... just being in the race gets you noticed.


Ok thanks this was all really helpful and feel free to add more ideas or message me for help on my account or anything else


there are guides (some on here, some external) about writing strong profiles - but in short.  Focus on more about what you like, than dislike, be honest - treat your profile as part of your portfolio and not the whole you.  You can combine life and online experiences.

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