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Sir... Chapter 4...A taste of Discipline

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Chapter 4

A taste of Discipline…


“Hungry”, his calming voice asks as he brushes hair from my damp face. “Yes Sir.” My voice is shaky and dry. He moves away and I feel a shudder as he separates from me. He leaves the room and I bundle myself up to warm my body. I am almost numb, my emotions all over the place, my head, humming Duran Duran over and over to give the rest of my brain a rest. I smile. I can hear Sir’s footsteps coming back and I spin off the bed and collapse onto my knees; position 1. “Did you bring the other lingerie as instructed Pagan?” “Yes Sir.” “Good girl, get dressed and we will go and find some food.” He gestures that I can stand. “Please Sir, may I go to the toilet and freshen up?” “Yes Pagan.” I rise and scuttle off to the bathroom, glad that I have something else to focus on instead of the throbbing deep inside me, and between my very wet legs. “Sir?” “Yes Pagan?” “May I close the door?” “No!”  I bite my lip as I push the door wide and head to the toilet, trying to distract myself from my unshielded position with thoughts of what I need to do to get ready, and to stop my mind reliving what has happened, because right now, my poor brain and emotions cannot handle any more. ‘Focus, ready for Sir Pagan.’

A quick wash, hair, makeup, god I was a mess. My wild hair was hanging out of my messy bun and cascading in ringlets and uncontrolled fizziness all over my face, my mascara tracing the lines of tears down my cheeks.  I set to work, it took some effort, but I got my hair under control and looked in the mirror. Apart from the flushed cheeks and slightly red eyes I looked presentable. I returned to the bedroom to gather the evening wear Sir had selected. I could hear him pottering about and muttering to himself., he made me so nervous, yet I had never felt this alert, my senses heightened and listening for every movement, every word, craving and embracing every touch. Get your mind back on getting ready, I barked at myself as the heat started to rise again. One last check and I head back to the bedroom.


I start to dress, sitting on the bed I reach for my stockings and pull them on one by one, fumbling with the suspenders as I do. Next, skirt and top, smoothing them down to hug my still trembling form I take a deep breath and let out a sigh, nope; I’m still trembling. I head to the lounge nervous to present myself, uncomfortable that I am not on all fours, and I could feel my heat rising again.  “Turn.” Sir gestured with his hand and I turned. He sighed, “Beautiful, beautiful.” I bit my lip to smother a smile, he was pleased. I gathered my bag and fell in behind his right shoulder as we left the apartment and headed into town, aware that there was one more D still to come.

Dinner was casual, Sir permitting me to converse with him in a more relaxed tone. The streets were quieter than normal for a Saturday night in the city, they looked lovely, clean, warm, and familiar. We enjoyed a nice meal and chatted about many things, I tend to talk when I am nervous and not gagged, restrained or in scene, so conversation is never a problem. I do my best to not babble and keep my eyes from stealing a look at Sirs face. So masculine, his eyes so deep, I cannot help myself and bite my lip in frustration at my own lack of control. All to soon we are heading back and once again the comfort of my butterflies returns to my now full tummy. We enter the apartment and I move into the bedroom to remove my shoes. “Off…off,” Sir gestures towards my top and skirt, “leave the rest and join me in the lounge.” Sir grabs a pillow as he walks off his voice gives no hint at what is to come, or of his mood. I am pretty dam good at reading people, but Sir, is proving difficult, added to my totally recked emotional state, I shrug, its not surprising. Dropping to my knees I move to the lounge with as much grace as I can manage on the hard wood floor but Sir is not in there, so I move to position myself on the pillow laid before the chair. I check my posture against Sirs last corrections and steel a look around the room. No hints, no sign, nothing of what is to come except the comb sat by the TV, I swallow, oh my! The chain goes in the toilet, I hear running water and then the door opens. My heart starts to beet faster with each footfall as he moves slowly towards my kneeling form. I jump as the curtains are pulled open, and then his shadow is on me and he takes his seat. A sigh, hands clasped again, and he leans in on his elbows. My butterflies are agitated, and I feel ever so slightly sick. “So, Pagan.” His words me back out of my trance and my ears ring. “I believe we have one last D before us, can you remember which one it is?” Oh god. “Yes Sir, Discipline Sir.” My voice is childlike, not intentional, or to illicit a favourable response, but because he makes me feel so dam *** and by now I am so fucking horny I can barely speak. Another sigh escapes his lips, “Yes Pagan, you are correct, discipline.”

My eyes are darting to the window and back, trying to sneak a look at the ‘toys’ Sir has placed on the window sill, while keeping an eye on the comb to see if it remains in its position on the TV unit. “No need to be frightened Pagan,” oh god, somehow that was not comforting. “This gives me no pleasure Pagan,” Sirs says as he squeezes his hands together. Do I believe him? No, yes, fuck I don’t know…he plays everything so close to his chest it’s impossible to say…” However, it is necessary Pagan, Sir must be obeyed.” I knew what he was on about, I knew my infringements and my unforgivable tardiness regarding my time keeping. I sighed. This, this I deserved. Sir leaned back with a sigh, “stand Pagan,” I stood, my heart in my mouth, I felt bad, after everything that had happened so far, now, now I felt bad, I had let him down, and It felt horrible.

A tap on his knee and I dutifully positioned myself across him. He adjusted me to his comfort, and I could fell his hand circling my ass cheeks. “I travelled all the way from London to see you Pagan, I was on time, for you to be late, is, at best undisciplined and at worst disrespectful to your Sir.” I could do nothing but mouth a faded apology. I had braced myself, I knew what was coming. SMACK…..it stung, dam his hand was hard…again, and again, and again, then a gentle rub as he re chastised be some more. SMACK on the other cheek, harder, firmer, dam he really hit hard, then again, the gentlest of rub as he continued to highlight my failures. Then he was circling my clit, slap, fuck that stung, his fingers slipped and moved inside me and a cry escaped my lips, another blow to my pussy brought a gasp and then with one hand he pulled my cheek taught, and slapped hard with the other carefully targeting my soft spot, fucking hell that hurt for a slap, my cheek was on fire as he reigned several more before repeating on the other side, each one to that lovely soft sensitive soft spot. Dam, I was on fire.

Returning me to position 1 Sir gave me one last chastisement before telling me I could relax, and my punishment was over. “Your speech restrictions are lifted Pagan; you can converse with me freely.” “Thankyou Sir, and I am sorry, I will never let it happen again, I promise.” It blurted from my mouth like a train from a tunnel; this was not the first impression I wanted to give. Sighing he stood up. “I am truly sorry Sir, and about forgetting my collar, unforgivable, I know.” Sir turned. “yes, your collar Pagan, I knew there was something else, thank you for reminding Sir.” Oh god, oh shit, me and my big mouth…again. “Stand Pagan.” The tone of is voice once again giving nothing away. Out came some rope and before I knew it I was kneeling on the sofa lengthways with my hands in loops attached to the legs and my head on the arm, my ass in the air. The crop came down hard and firm making my still sore cheeks tense, flicking and dancing from one to the other. I bit my lip, buried my head into the arm and stifled a scream. Then Sir was in front of me, his many scent wafted over my nose and he was there, before me, hard through his pants, god I could almost taste him. I stole a kiss and my face cheek paid the price as my hair was yanked back and a hand descended on my face. “A ah.” Again, with the crop, I squirm, “do I have to tie your legs too Pagan?” God.

Moving to the front he rubbed against me, I groaned, so close, “please Sir, please.” “What Pagan? What do you want?” Sir started to release my hands. “Please Sir can I have you? Please?” “Yes Pagan, you may.” Oh god, thank god, I fumbled with his button and zip while he removed his belt, I needed him in my mouth so bad. And it was out, his scent so nice, so fucking hot, I could barely wait. I slipped my tongue out for a taste, determined to enjoy every second. My ass was on fire, my pussy was dripping but all I cared about was Sirs cock buried deep in my throat. I took him all slowly, licking the head, circling, running my lips tight down his shaft…god so good, up, down, up down as my hands, now free from the restraints teased his balls between my fingers. Then his hand was on my head and pushing, he was deep down my throat now, I was choking and gasping for breath and still I wanted more, I wanted to endure, to hold him, to take all of him. Release, and I am gasping for breath. Again, and again he pushes himself deep into my throat, I am gagging, drool dripping down my face, tears streaming down my face and I was happy. The fire in me burning and throbbing in my ears threatening to explode…I tempted a request, I had too, I was desperate. “Sir, please, please Sir, I need to cum, please.” Leaning over me he pushed his fingers inside my wet throbbing pussy, “yes Pagan, you may cum.”  Before I knew it his fingers were on my clit, hard fast as he pushed my head down with his other hand…it wasn’t long, I was so fucking ready, I pulsed and jerked, ripples ran through my body, I stifled a scream of pleasure as it waved over me and Sir continued to rub harder, faster, and then, it happened, oh fuck.


 A stream shot from me, I was squirting, oh god, everywhere, all over Sirs hand, all over me, the sofa, the floor.  I dropped to my knees, exhausted, spent, content. “Oh god, I’m sorry Sir, the mess, oh my,” I giggled. That had never happened before, I could not believe it had happened now. “Go to the bedroom Pagan, you can walk, Sir will follow.” I giggled off to the bedroom and assumed my position at the side of the bed.  What felt like an eternity later I could hear his footsteps along the hall. Then a tap on the bed, “Up.” I jumped up. “On your back, legs over the end of the bed, now.” I squirmed down the bed and did as I was commanded a smile still bright across my face. Sir pushed my legs wide and up, exposing my still soaking wet pussy then he yanked my legs and before the yelp escaped my lips he was in me, hard, fast, determined and before I knew it I was building again, gasping, crying out for release. “Sir, god Sir, please can I cum, please?” Yes Pagan you can cum, the words faded as I released, all over Sir…tears rolling down my face, my breath rough and short, my heart exploding in my ears. I was done. I was complete. I was owned and controlled and at piece.

Sir was gracious and allowed me to sleep at his side with strict instructions on how he liked to be woke up…A bit of kissing and licking and sucking. I could do that I sighed, as I snuggled in for the night. I was an incredibly lucky sub.


5.30 am is not a good time to wake up your new Master, no matter how good the wakeup call. I pretended to be asleep as he got back into bed with a coffee. “Who does she think she is? 5.30am!!!” Oh shit, I was in trouble again I smiled. I dosed in and out as Sir pottered back and forwards, and when I finally rose, he seemed joyful. I made his morning coffee while he went for Croissants and we chatted about the day, Sir relaxing my protocols. The sun was out, a walk, a chat, and a nice meal down by the locks. All too soon it was time for Sir to go and we drove to the train station. As we sat waiting for the train a few last words from Sir. “Now Pagan, I know things have been relaxed today, and Sir has been kind and caring and easy going with protocols, but Pagan must not forget Sir is Sir, and at any time she will be expected to obey and her privileges revoked. Sir will always be Sir. Are we clear Pagan?” “Yes Sir” I replied, trying to hide the smile. Sir kissed me, again, for the last time and departed. I stood there watching for what felt like an eternity before returning to my car. The drive home a blur stopping only to stock up on chocolate and red wine, to carry me over the sub drop I could feel slowly creeping it and I smiled. Roll on next weekend. 

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