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The road to discipline / punishment.

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Hi everyone , been a while since I posted.

been too busy having fun !

all the extra experience has helped increase creativity ... but then on the other hand who wouldn’t want to hear the wisdom and experience of the community!!??

so here it is...

i am looking to diversify the elements within our D/s that could result in discipline / punishment.

Let me share a little with you as a starting point for your thoughts ..

we are bedroom only not 24/7- automatically at a reduced position for discipline in comparison to 24/7 as no non sexual / kinky tasks can be set etc.

Currently discipline is typically linked to orgasm control, conduct/ etiquette and performance in the bedroom. Refusal or hesitation to follow instructions.


As you can see basics are covered...my issue ??

My sub is ***y good !! Rarely misses a beat with regards to expectations, performs beyond my expectations consistently 👍.

Safe to say the bar of expectation is regularly moving. I know that a common theme here is for Subs to push a little to earn a punishment as many like a little punishment - so I should also clarify the following.

My lovely enjoys , I mean REALLY enjoys a serious spanking ( with all the build up etc) .. this is not the focus of the “punishment “ I refer to in this post.

I refer to the “punishment” beyond her pleasure ( and naturally before her safe word )- the sort of discipline she will not actively seek, the sort that will condition a learning process for training. 

So what I am after hearing ... are any ones own experiences , practices or imaginative ideas that could fit into our bedroom only kink, that will take Into account her awesomeness but create a back drop for further training  ideas with increased opportunities to discipline ????

dont hold back!?

4 serious strikes with the crop for punishment last night with no warm up to the spanking made for great fun - and have realised ( more) how much I love it 😊. 


Those of you that know her , will know she will see this thread - and may be bracing herself as you type 😂 To her- I love you x

Thanks in advance 




Ok, here is a thought. Give her what she does not expect. She pushes boundaries to receive punishment and she expects that punishment to be physical. Do the opposite. Tie her up, let her lie there in anticipation. Leave her to her own thoughts. Tease her a bit. Let her mind do the work.

Just what I was going to say. The worst punishments Pan ever dishes out to me are when he knows I’ve deliberately pushed limits to obtain it. If he thinks I behaved a certain way purely to get a physical punishment then most times he then refuses to be physical with me in anyway - opting instead to merely tell me everything he would’ve done had I not been stupid etc. Works every time hahaha

Thanks ladies ... great ideas ... I too have thought of things like this. 

Infact my problem is I have lots of ideas of how to punish .. and lack the amount of oppertunities to deliver them! 

My own fault for rambling In my original post above .. but my question is .. what sorts of activities/ tasks / challenges ( other then the obvious ones I listed ) could be partaken in that may involve a punishment  as a possible outcome ... e.g - orgasm control being the activity , ‘x’ ‘y’ or ‘z’ being the punishment for cumming without permission.

ive got the punishment ideas squared away but lacking the variety of ideas for the ‘activity’ 

think... kinky challenges that if failed at would result in a punishment ?

Hope I’ve cleared my own rambling  confusion ?😬


You really need to pay attention to who is responding to your threads, as you might inadvertently confuse someone’s gender. Just saying!

That aside; The sky is the limit. You can set any boundary that gives rise to a punishment; failure to clear the plates, not putting your slippers out or preparing your evening pipe (joking), but I hope you get the drift. 

I hope that helps.

I hear you. Erm yes tasks could be anything. You might only be bedroom based but try to think of something that’s going to push her in other ways. So obviously you have etiquette and requirements such as waiting for you in a certain dress code/manner Then there’s the obvious physical tasks such as orgasm control/denial Maybe try and explore some mental challenges, something fun and simple such as challenging her to count to 100 or recite a phrase whilst you play with her, punishments of your choice being earnt each time she falters or slips up. Could be a physical punishment or as simple as starting again from scratch. Bit of an tough lesson in focus but definitely a change from the norm and not something that is necessarily easy to excel at.
Carnelian2 - sorry Dude , slip of the tongue , or thumb 😂. So a pipe is what I need to add to the kit !
Neffie26- ooooooo I could get her to recite chess theory ... like back ground learning 😂. Like your idea though x

No problem. I think Neffie26 and I are saying pretty much the same things. Repertoire accruing punishment can be expanded to include just about anything. Keep score. Four strikes and ...


I prefer to find something connected to a need for improvement, you find something she wants to do, but never does it, it'll be something that she has a million and one excuse for not starting...then make a schedule and routine with her and for her...good for long term relationships...see your partner blossom in something she wants to do and you get to support her through discipline and rewards.

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