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A mistress put in place

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The text came across the screen - it's a go leave at 3:00 , don't be late. My heart started pounding in my chest my breathing increased and I clenched my legs and squeezed my core thinking how incredible it was going to feel in just a short while. Leaving work I felt giddy as a schoolgirl on her way to get ice cream , but that wasn't the cream I was truly anticipating. I pulled in next to his truck , my heart skipped a beat the moment I saw him, as it always did, he was my one true weakness in every way. He handed me a hotel key gave me directions and told me he would give me a 5 minute head start and I had better be waiting for him in the shower. It took everything not to peel tires to get around the side of the building , dashing out of my car I located the stairs and ran until I found the room , got inside and tore off my clothes and into the shower I went.
Second felt like minutes, minutes felt like hours my heart I thought for sure was going to burst right out if my chest and as I began to wash it wax no surprise to find I was already very wet from anticipation. I heard him come in but didn't turn around he hadn't told me to just yet , but when he didn't join me I turned and pulled back the curtain reveling all of his pure masculine nakedness. The shower became a little bit more crowed with both of us inside but he picked me up and put me behind him while he went to wash up from work. Satisfied with his cleanness he turned to face me and that's when my control was completely stripped from me.
He grabbed me by my hair which was pulled tightly into a bun , I hadn't intended to get my hair wet after all , and pushed me to my knees roughly until the only thing I saw was his huge throbbing cock. The most glorious 8" I have ever seen, but in this shower I didn't have time to revel in its beauty as my face was shoved over top and ***d down hard do that I would swallow all of him. It fucking hurt , the back of my throat started stinging and I felt my gag reflex kick in as he kept ramming his cock in my mouth, then he gave me a break but not for anything longer than a second because I could feel the back of my throat fighting him off once again. He adjusted the grip on my hair causing some of the hair to fall from the pony tail holder onto his cock , I tried to look up to apologize but that was not happening with my mouth still around him he pushed harder and more *** full until my mouth was partially filled with his warm liquid , but this wasn't even close to the end.
My throat of fire , my gag reflex still flexing I felt myself being lifted up by my hair yet again , and again no eye contact no sweet kisses as he grabbed my hips and spun me around to face the wall. Shoving my face down once again he put his knees in between mine rubbed my soaking wet cunt , said fuck you are wet , and then plowed into me without warning. Every fucking inch of his thick cock was pounding into me, relentlessly, with no compassion and it was everything I had been needing. He pulled one of my legs up onto the side of the tub , forcing my hands into the tile wall just so I could stay upright, the friction I thought surly would start a fire even though we were in the shower. When my legs began to tremble I was allowed to put the one back down but I was no where near done being his fuck toy. He knew I had a virgin ass and had warned me he would break it in for me , but I thought that would have been slowly during a different rendezvous, oh how I was wrong.
I should have known he was in the mood for everything his appetite for me today was insatiable and so was his cock. Still leaning into into that cool tile wall he removed himself from my pussy and slid his hand in between , he started easy with just a finger at first , then two ... still bearable, enjoyable almost. Back to get some natural lubrication he rubbed it on my ass and didn't give me a chance to deny him anything. He shoved his cock as far in as it could go , which wasn't very far and rocked himself in and out and kept pushing deeper and deeper ...he went so hard and so fast but still never made it fully inside. Despite the tightest ass he had ever fucked he still wasn't finished, he held onto my hips knowing my legs were shaking and after letting the water rush over us for the briefest moment slid himself back into my pussy. He seemed to have relaxed a bit and went slightly slower until I put one hand down and made a v shape with my fingers around his cock as he slid in and out of me . That finally sent him over the edge and he slammed into me as hard and fast as he could , and with my fingers around his cock I felt the buildup begin. On the final brutal thrust I felt every inch of him inside of me throbbing and filling me one pulse at a time. He held onto me long enough for me to catch my balance and stop shaking before he pulled out and walked out of the shower. leaving me to grip the bar on the wall for dear life with one hand and other hand going to work to wash my pussy he just used and ***d for what felt like an eternity. After reaching over to turn off the water I turn around to find him handing me a towel and offering me a hand to step out. With a smile on my face I realized this was the only man that could ever break me and make me submit and I loved it. Every now and again even a mistress needs put in her place and mine will gladly be at his feet any day.

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