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You were deceived in the worst possible way

A love gone wrong whilst on display

His words were written for all to see

But you were blinded by your love of he


You saw manipulation at its best

A confabulator who was on a quest

His ego had no bounds at play

He led you on a merry stray


With his web of lies, he laid a path

To hold you strong and capture your heart

A narcissist through and through

He loved the chase, he wanted you


You fell so hard, you fell so deep

Your love for him was extremely steep

He became your God, he could do no wrong

You loved him dearly, he was your song


But with each love story there can be a twist

When a dark shadow forms and creates a mist

An unexpected event that makes you think

It creeps in slowly and makes you sink


You question everything that has come to pass

Are you going mad or is he just an arse?

You finally uncover, you were one of many

The deceits and the lies, they were a plenty


He tried to dodge his way out of the fire

By putting blame on you for his lack of desire

He said he was the victim, that you were the cause

But all this did, was cause you to pause


He begs you to stay, he promises to do better

He argues with you he will stick to the letter

You owe him this, he says to you

But you are once bitten but not stupid too


A ***d soul is all he will be

As you saw the light and set yourself free

So, do not despair at time lost in vain

He was the one, who was truly inane


So, wipe your tears away and start anew

And know there is nothing wrong with you

You were once duped by a foolish man

But you came out stronger in the end


So, pick yourself up off the floor

And get on with life once more

It took you awhile to see the signs

But once you did you were no longer blind


Believe in yourself as we believe in you

You are so amazing and beautiful too

Don’t let this fella have the last say

As it is really you, who is victorious this day......



Amazing. It also hits too close home. 

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Wow just wow!!!!! 😭This really hit home for me took me back to a time I really didn't like but made me see I'm so much better now and have wonderful amazing people in my life like you my dear *** 👯‍♀️ and my Sir 💗

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Beautifully written Pixie 😍😍😍


Very well written lovely lady. 😘😘


Stunning! And true.... this resonates with me so much. I have no words other than thank you darling womble xxxx


Wow!!!! Being in recovery from narcissistic *** myself,  these words nailed it for me!!!! Incredible writing and so on point for all of us who've survived and come out stronger,  better,  happier and healthier!!!! 




Powerful stuff Pixie... Had to sit down after that one.


@PixieDust again......your words cut like a clarion called sword ,parting the darkness to light's flight of freedom. Blessed be your wordweaving🙏


It’s hard to realise when you’ve been tricked and lied to. Thank you Pixie 💜

Some people are in too much of a relationship with their own issues to have room for one with you.


Well written Beautiful, think a lot of us have been there x


So much truth in those words. Well written. Enjoyed reading this. 


Pixie, you have identified what a lot of submissives have been through - perfectly!  

Submissives are not weak, so none of you should ever feel that way.  YOU are strong with what you are prepared to offer to another.  If there is a flaw, you may be naive, you may be too trusting, you may be inexperienced, BUT you are ALL strong.

I see comments here from those that have been in the place that Pixie has so perfectly described, and from these comments and comments you have made on other posts within this Forum, I am delighted to see that you have suffered that bad place BUT have found the way to leave them behind and find something much much better with someone who cares for you, respects you, and wants to work with you to have a relationship that is fun, fulfilling and nurtures contentment in life.

Life can be tough, both in this lifestyle and that of the vanilla life, but when you have that SOMEONE who genuinely cares for you, and wants to be your partner, and is prepared to earn that gift you are prepared to give, whatever problem that arises is easily defeated and cast aside, because the both of you are as one and much stronger than just an individual.

Pixie you are such an intuitive and caring person with much knowledge and experience, and I am PROUD to have you as a friend.  


As always, the style and cadence of your poetry is only matched by the emotion that can be felt through your words, Pixie. Bravo!  :clapping::heart:


Could deception have another meaning behind it. Such a raw and fragile piece. 


I am so blown away by everyone who has read my poem and or has commented, thank you so much for taking the time to do so, I really do appreciate it. I promise I will reply to everyone who has commented individually, it just might take me a bit time, so please bare with me.

When I wrote Deception, I wrote it as friend to a friend however upon reflection of the words I can see so many aspects of them that have played out not only in my life but that of many of my other friend's lives at one point in time or another. 

Life is not always fair, life is not always kind, but I do believe in my heart that whatever experience life throws at us we are much stronger for experiencing it no matter how It came about. We may not see it at the time but we will always see it in the end. 


oh wow, very well written, well done my Aussie friend.x


Thank you for such a beautiful poem.  It really does sum up what a narcissist is to the highest degree.  

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I love confident people and love to relation with : submales or not, vanillas or not. But i had a bad experience with a narcisist sub  that got me in down floor. I'm saying this cos is easy to be confused if a person is confident or narcisist, they have similar behaviour. But narcisists have that evil on them that i cant deal and i never wanna find again lol.

Beautiful poem. Poetry is a salvation too in this weird era.

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You wrote a song..how can one not feel and understand, beautifully done

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