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Sensory deprivation and chastity


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I'm new to the whole bdsm scene and would like any advice on sensory deprivation and chastity 



I'm locked in chastity (24/7) have been for a while now with my Mistress being my key holder 

What would you like to know I'm very open so ask away or you  can ask privately

Any advice would be great. As I am new to all this I just wanted as much information as possible.

What are you looking to get out of being locked in chastity that's the big question

For me it's giving control to my Mistress who I truly trust I have no access to a key alto I'm told there is a emergency key hidden in the house just in case 

I would say Just wear the ring for a while to get the right fit and you feel comfortable with it then slip the cage on I use a foot of a stocking to help feed it in along with silicon lube which I also use on the ring.

Feeling that lock being clicked shut is a great feeling as is being unlocked

Not being able to touch yourself takes some getting used more so when you are very turned on You will find yourself spending more time pleasuring your other half than getting pleasure yourself. Get used to leaking pre cum it will happen a lot 

Your cage should be comfortable in everyday life Getting hard  takes some getting used to as do night time erections

You will need to pee sitting down and to avoid hair pulling it better to be trimmed or shaved

Clothing needs to thought out so as comfortable and avoiding unsightly bulges

Keeping clean is a must and even more important if locked up as body fluids will get trapped I'm unlocked everyday to shower but under strict supervision and locked straight back up 

I'm sure I have missed something off so please ask if want to know anything else


not wishing to sound short or unhelpful.  If you're completely new to something; you may well have better results doing a google and reading some articles.  Once you've boosted your own knowledge, you can easily revisit with more specific questions based on people's knowledge and experiences.

There are many reasons to be locked in chastity. there are many ways to do sensory play, a whole bunch of people could waste time writing up paragraphs that are totally leftfield to what you're interested about them.

I mean, you can self chastise quite easily : just stop masturbating, don't do it.  Done. That's chastity.  But this probably isn't what you want.

Once you know a little more about what interests you about the activities, like I say, it may be easier to ask more specific questions.

So for "where do I start?" - on your own homework

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