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Slave An ancient ode to they


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Slave   an ancient ode to they

We use it as fun and excitement between two consenting adults if not more.
But the That word is ancient and older then then bible itself, and comes with a history more vile than your imagination can handle.

But as it was part of them , it is a part of you.
And how you adapt like all humans ,is totally up to you.

So let me ***t a picture for you so you may sample from  the past and maybe enjoy your future fun and desires. 
But also to remember your ancestors as for them theres only one choice and and that was to live by the whip of the master and what ever their vile biding was to be.

The land is dry and hot
There is no breeze apart that of what they make
They shuffle with their heavy loads
While the driver cracks his whip across their backs in the hot heavy sun.

He wants for something,  and as he cracks the whip he sees what he wants.
The tail o the whip s at her feet , and she drops as ever to her knees.
What needs does she need to meet in this nasty evil landscape of heat ,dust and stone

He grabs her collar and drags her from 
The line , she will receive no pleasure from he , as he only wants suffering and *** .

The line moves forward,as the other whips crack upon the others backs, 

She has no feelings 
Her mind and body 
Have never felt a gentle touch, 

He strikes with the back of his hand 
Yes Master , she says in a long and forgotten tounge. 
Take my Seed bitch , as he hits her to the ground. 
She lifts the dirty stinking tunic ,to see his dirty smelling cock before her.

She has no feelings as she starts to suck upon that filthy member, as he glares upon her. 
She does what needs to be done.
There is no love or lust on her end .
She just makes his cock hard.
As he glares. 
She has no feelings, and is just a slave. 

The dirty cock now firmer and cleaner  then before .
He grabs her by the hair and pulls her up with *** , his hand grabs her flower.
"This now" He lisps in the forgotten tounge. 

She has no feelings,  as he pushes her to the wall , her breasts scratch across the stone.
He rips her around , and she sees that evil sneer.

She has no feelings as he ***s himself in to her garden, like all the other cocks before him.
She has no feelings as he grunts within her .
She has no feelings as he speeds up 
He makes her moan, and with that he grabs her face so she can see his hate for her.
She has one feeling as she feels his seed go deep whiten her garden .
She feels ***, hoping it wont take, in this hot and evil landscape. 

As he grunts the last of his seed into her, he casts he to the side with a firm slap of the back of his hand.

"Back in line" he screams at her in forgotten tounge. 
She feels his seed as it dribbles down her leg in the evil dry heat.
She has no feelings 

She has to waite for water to quench her thirst and clean away his seed, hopefully there will be enough water to do both.

So remember this the next time you graps that whip or want to feel its taste.

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