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Dominant, submissive or Switch?


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I'd always thought of myself as submissive. I'm very submissive according to the bdsm test but Idk, recently, I'm not so sure.


I like receiving sex. I like things being done to me. 

I'm primal, like dominance. Being sensually dominated is divine...

I like the hunt. Am I the hunter or the prey?

I'm a masochist... I understand sadism.


I love giving too... 


Wanna explore male chastity...

Male subs?


Submissive? Yes, for the right people.

Dominant? Yes, again, for the right people.


So switch then?



You are Free, to be free of restrictive labelling......free to be as kinky as you want,how you want,when you want,with whomever you want........

Happy to be!🙏🐺🙏


Ever evolving from the sounds of it 😊


I like this topic. I wonder myself where I fit best in in terms of BDSM. I like to be in control but I can also give up control. I suppose I can change 5 times a day depending on mood, situations and so on. That makes me, not sure if I fit a BDSM label.


That's the problem with labels.

Next time you go shopping just look at how namy different sorts of you can ... and that's just !


Sounds like myself, you have outgrown labels. Your Kink has outgrown simplified labels. I just like the fact you have taken the time to self-reflect.


Depends on the day and the person. 



Perhaps it is just that you enjoy being a top, not necessarily that you enjoy dominating.

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