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New to this don’t really have anyone to talk to about it


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So started a long distance relationship with a girl and she was attracted to me because I gave off Dom vibe. I decided to give it a try came up with a few rules at her request bc I wanted to start slow. Her last relationship ended do to ***, but long story short she broke 2 of the 3 rules we established and last night we were in discord and a guy she talked to during open relationship during her last relationship she started to flirt with same way she told me they used to but she didn’t see it as flirting. It upset me and she was really upset by that fact she keeps fucking up, so my question is this normal behavior or not and I’m running out of punishment ideas from so far away? Any idea or insight would be much appreciated thanks


talk to her and tell her it upset you. 

punishment ideas should be in line with your relationship.  


I had the problem of my baby girl fucking up on the rules I set at her request early on in our relationship however I had many, not just 3. I am very strict when it comes to “the rules” so she got punished quite often. I never ran out of ideas and you can feel free to dm me to discuss what punishments you’ve already gave her. But I will say, it can be and usually is a process to get to that comfort zone where everything goes smoothly but just like any relationship there might be some give and take if you really care for each other and want to make it work. On the other hand, if you’re not satisfied with anything else but your way, then you have a decision to make. Sometimes it’s better to just let it go before it consumes you.

As for the flirting thing, discuss it with your partner and depending on the results of the discussions, either accept it or cut bate.

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If I may comment please?? If you don’t like it or it’s inappropriate please delete...
So I have tried this exact situation!!!
I feel this exact same way except on the other side.. the difference
1 this is note my relationship as far as I know lol 😂 I hope 🤞..
2 I was being polite
3 completely brand new to the scene
4. Felt pressured still do cause want to please and make everything so perfect we take all the advice from ever on overload lol
6 we don’t understand why cause we made alll this effort and 😢💥💥💥💥💥💥

See where I’m going we get nervous cause secretly we probably have crazy crush on you if we have been friends for a min lol 😝

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Usually when people here take they time to answer it’s always polite to acknowledge their input. But that’s fine. So for others who read this:

“Gave  off Dom vibe”? Interesting one...

Ok so you mentioned  a ld relationship but don’t say if it’s an open one or you are the owner? 
if she’s flirting maybe she thinks she’s allowed? Have you set some limits to how she should behave? 
if she keep doing it, she’s bratty or enjoy more the punishment than the dynamic itself. Then the question raise as she might use you or as we says Topping from the bottom time !! 

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