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Naming Voice Kink/ Voice Fetish

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For those who do not want to read this entire post, I have stated my definition clearly at the very bottom.


This post is my attempt to provide a name, a definition of sorts, and so I would like to begin by saying that these are just my thoughts. I will leave it to the professionals to decide on the official term for voice kink or voice fetish, but until they do, I hope that my offer will suffice at least as a substitute.


There are much more unorthodox turn-ons...


After some time researching words, meanings, other kinks and how the words are combined, I quickly discovered that “voice-kink” does not have a specific label, in the way that podophilia is the name for the common foot fetish. Voice kink is literally just referred to as that or sometimes voice fetish. There is not necessarily anything wrong with calling it voice-kink, but since there are names like lithophilia (the fetish for stone) I think it is a little bit odd that there is not a name for something as common and delightful as a person’s voice. Even balloons are a fetish (which also does not have a special name).


It is most certainly common...


During my research it was mentioned that voice-kink/ voice fetish  might be unnamed because it is an uncommon fetish, but I can tell you now that this is not the case. I am on Twitter and have come across countless men and women remarking their love for a particular type of voice; e.g. the deep gravel of a handsome and muscular man, or the sweet and innocent high pitch of a Little. Voice fetish is probably one of the most common forms of arousal that I have come across, so I think it is about time to add it to the list.


Combining words...


Fetishes are labelled “...philia”, as this translates in Greek to mean “love”



- “the experience of intense sexual arousal to atypical objects, situations, fantasies, behaviors, or individuals.”


i.e. podo (foot), combined with philia; is the love of feet. Since philia is Greek, it makes sense that I find the Greek translation for “voice”. Type “voice” into Google translate and you get:


voice - φωνή (using the English alphabet: foní)

Voice - Φωνή (using the English alphabet: Foní)

(Greek) foní - foní (English); not voice


Google translate is an easy tool, but not always accurate, so I decided to try Latin, as this is another beautiful language.


(English) voice - vox (Latin)

(Latin) vox - the voice (English)


The problem with this, is that I would then be combining Latin and Greek, which seems wrong. I decided to take a few steps back.


(English) voice - φωνή (Greek)

(Greek) φωνή - voice (English)


Using the Greek letters allowed me to confirm that this singular word is Greek for “voice”, but I need to use the English alphabet to compose the equivalent paraphilic name.


No ‘f’ in ancient Greek...


It was brought to my attention that there is no ‘f’ in ancient Greek; that the sound is made by a ‘ph’. I learned, quite interestingly, that the ‘f’ is used in Latin, which is a neat way to distinguish the two languages. I quickly discovered that google does not translate ancient, but in fact modern Greek. My friend mentioned that etymology, semantics, and phonology rely on the origin of words from the ancient language. I searched “the word voice in ancient Greek”:


From Ancient Greek φωνή (phōnḗ).


After some further correspondence with this friend, I was also taught how the word should be said. I find it fascinating that phonology itself is derived from the word phōnḗ, and is the study of the patterns of sounds in a language.




As you might guess from the characters, it is not pronounced as “phone”. Rather, you break it down into what I compare to “fon” and the sound of the letter 'e' from “fetish”. You get fon-eh, coupled then with the word philia.


Also worth noting…


Acousticophilia - sexual arousal from certain sounds

Forniphilia - sexual arousal focused around turning a person’s (or people’s) body into furniture

Phonophile - a collector or connoisseur of phonograph records


The definition…




- sexual attraction to a type of (or person’s) voice  could work for Voice Kink / voice fetish. 


@Vandalslut If I recall, you have interests in ancient times and meanings of things. I would like to get your thoughts on this, please.


Brilliant!!!!! I’m not into Phoneohilia but think the name perfectly identifies the voice fetish. Well done. Make it the voice kink official definition!👍


Auralism is used for sexual attraction and arousal to sound so could be the term for voice kink/ voice fetish

1 hour ago, quietlysure said:


Though it is not a philia as such, I have come across similar terms.

2 hours ago, AllGoodFun said:

I have this with a Welsh/Irish accent 🤤🤤

So is Ivor the engine a porno for you? 😅


I have voice kink as well. If you have the right voice I'm yours. I am totally voice controlled, it would be nice to give voice fetish a name. 


"A Fish Called Wanda" exaggerated this. That said, I do love a British accent. Oh, and good spelling. If I read something with spelling errors, I stop reading.


Hmmm yes I like good spelling but if the other persons 1st language isn't English you have to let it slide. 


A great voice goes a long way. I love, and loathe, some accents too.

6 hours ago, quietly said:

spelling errors

I am a writer, so I do my best to proof-read my posts


I think quietly meant in general, not the post

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Yes, DanteReign, quietlysure is correct, I was referring to someone conversing with me in writing,  but using incorrect spelling if it is clear they really don't know any better.  I did not infer you had made any errors, and we are not having a private conversation. I'm sorry that wasn't clear. 

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