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You stood there, obediently, head bowed arms behind your back, I'd already undressed you, leaving you in beautiful, sexy but feminine full matching underwear, you slightly trembled as I gently caressed your face, down your neck, tenderly touching your covered breasts, " ok sweetie" I whispered in your ear, you found you couldn't speak, but nodded, looking at me smiling. I stood behind you, undoing your bra, sliding my hands round and holding your still covered breasts, you shivered, let out a small groan as caressed your nipples, then your bra dropped, I gently slid my hands down your sides, hooking each thumb over the waist band if your knickers, kissing your neck tenderly as you groaned, body now trembling fully, a slight sheen of perspiration covering your soft skin. I kissed gently down your spine as I lowered myself down in time with your lowering knickers. I kissed your soft, white bum cheeks as I first lifted one foot then the other, removing your knickers. I stood up, walking around you, looking at your naked beauty, then cradling your soft bum kissed your lips, feeling your trembling body, I saw a tear roll down your cheek, " I can't do this Sssir", you managed to say, " It's okay sweetie" I replied. " I'm so sorry Sir, I thought I was ready, but I really can't I'm too scared" you said tearfully, " It's ok sweetie" I whispered, then lifted you up, you wrapped your arms and legs around me as you sobbed gently, " Shhhhhhh" I whispered, holding you tight, " You, like this, is more than enough my darling" I whispered in your ear, then we kissed....,

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