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Munch Notes /Agenda - Sissification and ***d Feminization - 5th Nov 2020


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Munch Notes/Agenda –Sissification and ***d Feminization –5th Nov 2020

Host:  @Willow75

Content contributors:  @Willow75 @lil-monster @PixieDust


1. When you hear the words sissification and feminization what does it mean to you?

  • Demasculinisation of the Male Gender to a more Feminine embodiment for either *** or *** and or sexual purposes depending on the individual and their needs or that of their partner’s needs.


2.  What do you think the difference might be between Sissification, Cross-Dressing and Dollyfication?

  • Dressing in sissification tends to focus on the very girly feminine side which then also feeds into *** and *** side of ***d feminization. This can also link into Age play, “Little” side of dynamic of kink


3.  How does someone start out on their journey to sissification and feminization?

**Important to remember each person’s journey is quite different but some of the possibilities of how they start their journey could be:

  • Drawn to it naturally
  • Elements of Cross Dressing
  • Wearing lingerie
  • Experimenting with Makeup or Nail polish
  • ***d upon them by their significant other, in many cases a D/s dynamic
  • They find an interest through talking to other
  • Research or through reading stories about dressing up as a girl or Sissification stories in general


4.  There are various types and styles of sissies in the sissy spectrum, what do you think some of these may be?

  • Sissy sluts
  • Sissy Littles which tap in age to play
  • Service Sissies – sexualised, being used
  • Domestic Sissies – Servants, Maids, Cleaners


5.  How does one go about becoming sissified and feminized? Does it happen in stages, if so how?

  • Wearing lingerie
  • Wearing Nylons
  • Wearing feminine clothing
  • ***ting Nails
  • Wearing Makeup
  • Wearing feminine wigs
  • Wearing ladies’ shoes
  • Shaving body hair
  • Experimenting with Breast enhancement by way of a breast plate or bra insert
  • Increasing elements as journey continues
  • Directed by significant other


6.  Are there different styles for sissies?

  • Little Girls
  • Uniforms – such as a Maids Uniform, School Uniform
  • Lingerie
  • Role play – dependant on the role they are playing – Damsel in Distress for example


7.  Why do you think men choose to be sissified and feminized? What draws a sissy to this lifestyle? Why do you think they enjoy it?

  • Escapism
  • ***
  • ***
  • Sexual gratification through pleasing their significant other such as in a D/s dynamic


8.  What do you think some of the different forms of *** might be for a sissy?

  • Made to wear lingerie under work clothes
  • Have toenails ***ted
  • Chastity
  • Being made to dress for an event – dependant on the event or meet
  • Rules and limit of dynamic will always apply


9.  What do you think some good tasks would be for a sissy in a D/s dynamic?

  • Wearing lingerie to work
  • ***ting nails
  • Proof of Task – i.e. photo in lingerie at said work or event etc
  • Sent to purchase lingerie, feminine clothes
  • Asking for help whilst out on task
  • Provide proof of purchase such as showing receipts 


10.  What do you think would be good punishments for a Sissy?

  • Orgasm denial
  • Lack of contact – for a specific period of time
  • Writing lines
  • Spanking


11.  How do sissies cope the mental of Sissification and Feminization? Does gender dysphoria play a role?


12.  Is a sissy’s aftercare just as important as subs aftercare?  Is it the same or different?


13.  Can a sissy be made too feminized where it completely takes away from the experience of sissification? If so, how?


14.  Are sissies mainly subs to Dommes, or do Doms also take on sissy subs and how do they en*** feminization?


15.  For any Dom/Dommes here tonight, what do you enjoy about sissification and feminization?  What do you expect in this type of dynamic?


16.  Do you think sissification and feminization has been commercialised into a financial business taking away from its true essence. Ie scammers and s


17.  How important is it for sissies, to have other sissy friends?


18.  In a sissy’s journey do you feel it’s important for a sissy to have a mentor? If so, why?


19.  What type of Mentor would you recommend for a sissy?


20.  Do you feel sissies are respected and treated equally in today's world of kink and BDSM? Or do you feel there is a taboo around the subject and the dynamic/role itself?


21.  How do you think we can make sissies feel more accepted in our kinky community?


22.  Any other thoughts?



As a crossdresser I think that guidance is good and if it goes well being made to go out dressed as a call girl or other
I would like to find out more friends that will help me move on with my life back on track

29 minutes ago, John958 said:

As a crossdresser I think that guidance is good and if it goes well being made to go out dressed as a call girl or other
I would like to find out more friends that will help me move on with my life back on track

starting on that journey myself honey, or rather getting back to it


love this post, wish I'd been able to make the munch

2 hours ago, John958 said:

As a crossdresser I think that guidance is good and if it goes well being made to go out dressed as a call girl or other
I would like to find out more friends that will help me move on with my life back on track

My journey, ironically was started by a scammer, but since discovering my female side, I realise now, that was who I was always meant to be. I've made a great deal of progress over the last year, acquiring clothes and shoes and jewellery, and learning makeup. It's a constant learning curve. It has made me very happy and if I can help anyone else find their way, I would be delighted.


careful Helen, you may get taken up on that shugah


Great post, gutted I missed the munch!
I've enjoyed cross dressing for a few years and this post is really helpful and informative. Being ***d feminized, turned into a sissy is my biggest fantasy, so far i just haven't been lucky enough to meet someone genuine yet to share the experience with.
In the meantime, reading something like this and knowing there are people in the community who are willing to share their knowledge and experience with us newer and inexperienced players means a lot. Thank you

7 hours ago, Kymi said:

careful Helen, you may get taken up on that shugah

I sincerely hope so. I'm no expert, but I do my best.


if i may be allowed to add a few thoughts to this in response to points raised,

1 firstly I'm not sure sissification and ***d feminisation are the same thing, a sissy is still a male whereas ***d femme can go all the way, for me feminisation is part of gender identity so different from sissy, although the former may be a useful first step

2 for me crossdressing is merely wearing clothes, sissy and fem has an identity aspect

11 yes it does in my case, realised eventually i'm not cd, not sissy but a woman things made sense then

13 yes, if the purpose is *** etc, no if taking it all the way is what is wanted and right for the ex sissy

14 its mixed, straight sissies are often more comfortable with dommes, gay ones prefer a dom, and those who r really tg/ts it varies as to whether we r str8, les or bi

17 vital, its nice to just chill out with the girls, esp if you r going out in public, its also nice, at least for me, to have ***s in suffering

18 yes, its good to have a shoulder to cry on, also tips and help r great

19 an experienced one who knows the answers bcos they've been there, remember that in many ways in feminisation we r like girls entering puberty in terms of mentally trying to adjust to new roles, new experiences and changes to our bodies, cis girls rely on mothers oldeer ***s and friends to help them, we have same needs

22 loved the post, loved the topic, sorry for the lengthy reply, final thought love and huggles to my ***s out there




Thank you to everyone who has posted so far.  I think the more we can raise awareness as a community,  the more beneficial it will be for others on a similar journey.   The Information out there in the webisphere is scattered, so it was fabulous to have a Munch on the topic and another big thank you to  @Willow75  who did an amazing job hosting.

I hope more members will post like you all have @Kymi@Paul_aka_Helen @sissyboy73 @John958 and share their experiences also or like you @Kymi answer some of the questions in more detail.  


I echo on what my *** has said @PixieDust thank you to everyone who has commented so far on the thread it was a fantastic munch topic and it's definitely one that needs more awareness and education on!! Thank you to @Willow75 for hosting too. 💜💜


Thanks @PixieDust and @lil-monster for helping with the munch and everyone for coming and your comments so far I really look for to your comments/ thoughts on any of the questions featured above or if you have any questions on sissification/feminization please feel free to post. They all help everyone learn and bring awareness to the kink. Thanks again.


I think the mental aspect of sissification is unique to the individual. I've read of sissies who have become seriously depressed and fallen into self loathing, while at the same time, finding themselves unable to stop. Perhaps gender dysphoria plays a part, but there is also gender euphoria. Quite a few sissies seem to identify as trans or non binary. Personally, I don't feel horror or disgust at my male body. I just wish I had a female body. I dress feminine almost all of the time. Dressing sissy is more something I want to do for others, as a way of exploring the outer edges of the hyperfeminine. Sissification, as opposed to feminisation seems more to do with *** as it is conforming to a stereotype of femininity, rather than actually being a woman. There is a place for both.


I’m heartbroken that I missed this discussion! I wish very much to understand my role as the Domme in this situation because I am not naturally assertive and struggle to maintain the consistency in day to day life. I have a very willing sub who desires ***d feminization as the norm in our day to day life. Anyone wish to discuss please reach out!!

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