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Mistress Liz and First FmF. (Group)


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As I said in the first post, Liz and I feel quickly into a Dominate/submissive relationship. As with most new relationships, we fucked more than anything else, or so it seemed. Liz liked to have me naked, and I happily complied most of the time. After all that is all I felt I was good for.  She had started tying me to the bed, and to the floor or to anything. She fondled me and petted me for ages till she was ready for sex. If I was tied to the bed, or flat on the floor she would often ride me. Or I would ride her, only cumming on command.
I met her friends, some of whom I already knew from parties around town.
One after noon she had invited a few friends around for dinner. A mixed group, male and female, It was a good night, good food and drink plus fun company, all very normal and very ordinary. Well one by one, people started to leave. One woman, whose name I forget, but who had the most perfect and amazing Blonde Bob you can imagine, had too much to drive home. So Liz offered her the spare room, which she accepted.
We sat down had a few more drinks and got ready for bed, which in my case was quick shower and get naked. I went into our room and Liz tied me to the bed. And played with me for a few minutes then said she need to go to the bathroom and left me there, which is not a problem.
A few minutes later the door opened and this Blonde walked in wearing some nice Lingerie, mostly black but with some other colour through it. She came in and stood there looking at me. I was ***, and she smiled and said ‘Hi’ I had and brain-blank and said something lame like “Liz isn’t here” she just chatted and I felt so exposed, but got even harder if that is possible. Liz came back in a minute or two and said “Well you two have just met formally” and laughed. Turned to the Blonde and said “What do you think? I told you he was good.” To which she agreed. The rest of the night was pretty normal sex when the man was tied to the bed.  In the end the Blonde rode me till she came, but didn’t touch my nipples, so I stayed hard. Then Liz rode me and as she started coming she pinched and twisted my nipples and I Blew my Load into her as she came. They cleaned me up and untied me, we sat around naked with a bottle of wine then went to our beds.
That was my first FmF sex. I loved it. Little did I know what ideas Liz had for me in the future.


yes, I struck the Jackpit by having her as my first Mistress.


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