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I am emotional.

I love easily, deeply, quickly.

I am needy and insecure.

I'm fickle.

I live in the moment.

I lose interest quickly.


Wind is my element.

I'm a pioneer, a traveller, always on the move. I blow hot, cold, gently, wildly.....

I can't be tied down, I have no roots, no base. I'm free.


I can be incredibly selfish but I'm learning that sometimes I'm actually giving. Of myself.


I react emotionally. Oh, where do I start?

Glorious! Stroke me with a feather, whip me with a dragon tail whip and revel in my writhing, sensuous, reactions.

I cum hard, openly, freely. A 3 hole cum slut.

The flipside.. I discard logic. Run with my emotions. I can over think stuff, get trapped in an oubliette. 


I'm spiritual... "airy fairy" 

Words delight and enthrall me. I live in a world of words. I write, it's how I think. 


I like who I am, now. Finally. I'm free.


All my life I yearned to be free. It cost me, and others, too much to not fly high and free.

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