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Vanilla emotional triggers

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Emotional triggers


I do not try to hide my emotions as some do, many have told me it's a strength and in some ways yes I agree, however the flipside is it can be a curse, a weakness especially where women are concerned. As I've aged it's become much easier to control i think mainly because I understand myself better and rather than fighting the truth of what I am I've found peace with it. That really has made life so much easier. 


These very same emotions can be with the right trigger a time machine that instantly transports me to times past. A piece of music not heard for 35 years can take me back to a time where I met my first girlfriend, i can smell her, hear her voice clearly, as if it was yesterday. The images, memories and emotions flood me as the 35 years were 35 minutes. For the sadder times I've lived some music I still cannot listen to, avoid it even not for the music itself but the memories. I think of the past, of course I do and very rarely with a heavy heart but music does something different, it can reach deep inside and unlock doors that have remained closed for many years. This I know is the same for many of us, music is a powerful media that can induce sadness or loss instantly, as I say a time machine.


Other triggers exist, for me anyway. A perfume not smelled for many years can lead to a very similar experience, a hug can actually be the hug of another even if it's a fleeting thing. A tone of voice from a stranger passing in the street, the words they use and the delivery being key. Even certain names for some reason can awaken something, whether I have experience with that name or not. I've always craved a Hanna or Rebekka:with two k's. 😊 I don't know why but the fact they are Biblical names is not lost on me and yes i was raised in a religious home. I have a few other rather strange ones but i think you get the gist of the point I make. Anyone else?

9 hours ago, Donnykinkster said:

i think mainly because I understand myself better and rather than fighting the truth of what I am I've found peace with it. That really has made life so much easier.

I hope someday I'll be able to say that. More than my kinks and sexual exploration, my journey into bdsm is teaching me so much about my subconscious and my most basic needs. Learning about yourself is so priceless. 

I recently started working with a new client and she asks me a lot of questions about my life. They are quite obvious triggers and it's rarely pleasant for me to be transported back to the past. 


Thank you for opening yourself up to everyone. I’ve watched you how and become more comfortable with your place in our community and it’s refreshing. I love how you are finding your way and expressing who you really are as a person and as a man.

13 hours ago, TheAlphaSub said:

 Learning about yourself is so priceless. 


Hey my friend, it's the absolute key. How can you express yourself correctly to a Dom without first knowing yourself? 


Just reading this brings back emotional triggers. 
I write, when I have something to release, be it ***, pleasure, hurt, loss, guilt or contentment.  I express myself through poetry. 
Then a word, a phrase, a scene is forever linked to those emotions and a simple walk in the park can be the trigger . The feeling on my cheek as the wind passes through the trees. How the rays of the sun skip through the branches. The scent of the wildflower as I brush past. Memories of words written, attached to emotions felt. And I am back deep inside my mind, lost in the moment. 
Sometimes the words cry onto the page, and you know as you write them it is not a real release, you are burning them deep inside your soul forever. But the need to express, to solidify the emotion is so strong you cannot resist. And another memory is cast into words of stone.
Other times, the joy is so strong the words role off your tongue and dance onto the paper, saved with love and laughter to be relived over and over again. 
Those are the poems I store on my sleeve.
The others I bury deep and save them, for that rainy day.

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