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A Fetish Art Forum?


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A recent discussion of fetish art, along with posted videos on "The History of Latex Fetishism" ("Leather, Latex & Other Fetish Clothing" Forum) has me wondering:  How many fetish artists (drawing, ***ting, 3D modeling, etc) might be in our group?  Is there enough interest to warrant a new forum, specifically for that topic?  I understand that posting fetish artwork would pose its own set of problems, and would likely not be possible.  Same, with posting links to works or websites.  However, it may be possible to add a discussion forum, where both artists and connoisseurs could exchange ideas, inspirations, and fantasies, as well as critiques of their favorite fetish artists, past or present.

I decided to write this, upon doing a bit of research on the history of fetish art.  Such works seemed most popular from the late 1940's to the late 1980's.  However, when the more-public BDSM scene that we know today, first emerged, fetish artwork appeared to fade into obscurity.  That trend might also be an interesting topic for discussion.  I know of a couple old-school artists who are still working in the U.K..  But, they are easily my age!  Is there any young *** emerging, to take their place?

I would be interested in hearing everyone's thoughts on this.


I'm learning to use 3D modelling apps, for example daz3d. I think art is a good way to fulfill our fantasies


I must admit, after careful consideration, that this may have been an ill-conceived idea.  Perhaps, a better idea might be an artwork competition, similar to the photo competition.  Because works of art take longer to create, a three-month window might be more practical than the one-month limit in the photo competitions.

I suggest that such an artwork competition remain general---not limited to any specific topic or fantasy.  That way, it would remain broad enough, to encourage folks to participate.  The artwork could be of any form---drawing, ***ting, clay, 3D modeling, even photography.  It could serve as an outlet for everyone's fantasies.  Of course, there would need to be guidelines---especially on just how pornographic an image is allowed to be.

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Having done this since the 90s, I have to say, there's a lot more fetish artists since then.

The tricky part I've seen is there's can be a lot of weird fetish art. But I'm sure this platform has to filter out a lot of weird photography & photos against TOS.

One of the best of the new *** is Amber Carr aka Avery Horn. She does a lot of submissive women in various forms of bondage. Had she come into the fine art scene 15 years earlier, she would have made the cover of Juxtapoz next to artists like The Pizz, Coop, and Sara Ray.

Before I came here, I was approached by the owner of an adult social media platform for help in marketing & publicity. My suggestion was to reach out to the many fetish artists struggling on mainstream social media. For example, Amber Carr is frequently suspended and flagged. The potential is huge.


Thinking about new *** in Fetish art, I was going through some archives and remembered Brian Vox.

Vox is in the midwest, holds down a day job, but did a super bold move of putting together some great Femdom and fetish pieces. Somehow, he nailed down an industrial center in Los Angeles near Glendale for a one day show. There was great music and go go dancers. That lead to a great group show in the heart of Burbank.

And that work was more two-dimensional in the vein of Patrick Nagel. He's really amped up the look since then with more realism, but still has that solid style. I highly recommend it.

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