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Fun Factory Treasure Hunt Clue Links:

:one:  :two:  :three:  :four:  :five:  :six:  :seven:  :eight:  :nine:  :one::zero:  :one::one:  :one::two:  :one::three:  :one::four:  :one::five:  :one::six:  :one::seven: 

:one::eight:  :one::nine:  :two::zero:  :two::one:  :two::two:  :two::three:  :two::four:


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17 hours ago, SexyKinkyDom2021 said:

Missing 4,8,9 and 20? Help please!

I can help 😊 send me a message x

5 hours ago, Eastbourneguy said:

Hi, I am missing the 4th up, far right. (Level with her bust). I have tried all the usual locations for these games with no success

Have sent you a message

2 hours ago, Alex1422 said:

Can someone send me clue? I have found only 7

I tried to message you but your message criteria settings are preventing me.  If you would like some help you are welcome to message me. 


Another Hunt done and dusted a big thank you🙏 to Fetish and the powers that be for running yet another fun game.  It was so great to see so many new members join in the fun and I hope many more will do the same next time around......as the saying goes, you got be in it to win it.

As always a special thank you to my *** 👯‍♀️ and fellow clue giver @lil-monster we always have a blast and good giggle along the way. 🙊   Also a thank you to your partner in crime, your Sir ... Mr 🍸  @Liam52 with more fabulous clues and often pipping us both to the piece 😁

Also a shoutout and thank you to @Philip2004 @Amy4U @Mz_Whiplash @LollyPolly @69specialsfor not only your clues and  but all the friendly help you gave others. Finally a thank you to all the other clue givers and everyone who shared puzzle pieces to get others involved including a special thank you to @fantafem26 @pappaman @MossyBoy who just blitzed it, well done guys. 

For those who are still looking for those last few, here is a list of my clues with corresponding grid numbers and dont forget to scroll back and look for the other great clues left by all out wonderful members


Clue # 1 – Grid # 5 -  I always get by with a little help from my………

                                     and you will too as they will help you find the first puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 2 – Grid # 3 -  I do love my cheeks to be rosy  😋

Clue # 3 – Grid # 8 -  Now is a good time to make new mates if you want to find this puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 4 – Grid # 20 - If you have a breach, avoid penetration and change the entrance 😋  

Clue # 5 – Grid # 15 - Knock, Knock.....who's there?  Only one way to find out, to find this puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 6 – Grid # 21 -  I "like" this list  💗

Clue # 7 – Grid # 4 -    Time for a  bit of self-reflection

Clue # 8 – Grid # 9 -    Time to fess up your secrets…..

Clue # 9  - Grid # 14 -   The levels will differ depending on your choice 👑 but you all have one

Clue # 10 – Grid # 7 -    ............... I hope my clue is point taken 

Clue # 11 – Grid # 1 -     Got a pesky critter or two driving you nuts, don’t lose your block, use it 🧱

Clue # 12 – Grid # 24 -  Are yours picture perfect? Only one way to find out and find this puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 13  - Grid # 11 -  You might wanna put the kettle on…..you got company

Clue # 14 – Grid # 17 -  Need a bit of protection, wrap yourself accordingly and you won’t have to worry about leakage 😋

Clue # 15 – Grid # 6 -   Sometimes you need to dig a little deeper to find that special one closer to home

Clue # 16 -  Grid # 12 -  If you wanna find this puzzle piece 🧩 searching for all the goss in your backyard will be the key

Clue # 17 – Grid # 10 -  To have a great discussion, you need a great topic, so why not get creative 

Clue # 18 – Grid # 13 -   You don't need a Palm tree 🌴 for this type of date

Clue # 19  - Grid # 18 - No orchestra required here but the key is to conduct yourself accordingly and stay in tune with the code.

Clue # 20 – Grid # 23 -  Personally it's all about the detail 

Clue # 21 – Grid # 2 -   Knowing how to share a special token of your admiration with another is the only way you are going to find this puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 22 – Grid # 16 -  Sticking to the rules really does matter when you enjoy a good natter

Clue # 23 – Grid # 19 -  Be in the know and a turn me on, otherwise you won’t find this puzzle piece 🧩

Clue # 24 -  Grid # 22 -  🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️Mates can be like chocolates 🍫🍫 you can’t help but have one or two favourites 🙊 🙊 😁😋


Until next time that's all folks.......

Love Pixie 💗🧚‍♀️


Wow well another treasure hunt over and done with already!!!!! They come and go so quick lol!!! A big thank you to everyone at fetish who put these hunts together!!!! 

Thank you to my *** from another mister @PixieDust💜👯‍♀️ my clue partner in crime!!! We do have a giggle lol 🙈 also thank you to my Sir @Liam52 who chases me to get the piece first and a couple of times he's pipped me to the post 😍🏃🏻‍♂️🏃‍♀️🤣


A shout out to everyone else that's left clues also and taken part in giving pieces away. Here's to the next one 😜💙



These hunts come and go so quickly!! Love them all the same!! 😉😉


I can’t find 2, 16, and 20 if you count left to right, top to bottom. Can anyone please help me?


I can’t find 2, 16, and 20. Can someone please help me


I’m missing #2 and #10, can anyone help?

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