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Masochism brainwash


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Contributing to an earlier thread by a user named Mia I wanted to pen out my ideal fantasy. First try 😅

Picture your aware that you like kink in general but are too shy to indulge in it. Someone reaches out to you with similar interests but chats about normal stuff for a good while. You go to meet with them, chat about normal stuff have a bit of a laugh, youve made a new friend! The new friend of yours casually asks if you want to come to their place to some more and offers you a cup of tea and a dvd to watch, something “fun”. You agree I mean after all you got on great right?

So you go to their place and you get settled on the couch they have in this instance it’s a woman’s couch. She boots up the dvd player and puts a dvd in and says it will take a sec and wanders out of the room to fetch something, presumably the drink? Didnt ask how you wanted it mind you. The dvd now loads up, wouldn’t you know it appears to be a porno, your eyes at this point stare widely at the screen as the lady on the title screen appears to be a mistress in tight latex and heels. Just as you decide to get up and ask about the dvd a collar is suddenly placed around your neck from behind and loosely secured. You jump at the sudden action. But instead of being restrained the lady who you recently befriended calmly stands and waits for you to assess what just happened. Smiley lightly and raising both eyebrows she muses, “take your time, enjoy the feel and if it don’t like it you can take it off”. You ponder the sensation and curiously decide to tighten the collar some more bough heart rate still elevated....feels good, you like this, but its all so strange! “Want to try on the cuffs?” She asks “unfastened of course” you nod. She applies the cuffs to your wrists heavy rubber cuffs with metal studs, serious stuff, sturdy. Each cuff has a metal trigger hook presumably to attach to each other. “Now the feet please shoes and socks off and the rest as well!” She winks ;) you comply, after all your curious too and there’s no commitment as such you have full mobilty.
She leaves the room for a moment more while you weigh up the collar and cuffs enjoying the subtle weight. Your heart is still racing but it’s starting to settle, that is until your friend comes back into the room pushing along some kind of table with a sloped side, this one has a hole in the ramp. “This here is for you to lean across if you would please, I think You know what that hole is for buddy!” Another sly look 😏With a slightly confused but aroused look you approach the table and presume the position your meant to take. Your unsure why you haven’t said anything yet, you feel compelled to comply out of curiosity and desire but uncertain how far your new friend intends to go. Once your over the table she attaches the wrist cuffs to each other and then proceeds to attach the ankle cuffs to the table itself. From under the table she unfastens a strap and brings it around your waist ands hooks it back in from the other side before tightening it. Other than your hands and feet being able to move an inch or two your pretty motionless. You start to feel the cold on your naked body and for some reason this is where you finally draw the line as say something, though not along the lines of stopping but rather on the temperature. “Oh don’t worry that’s the least of your worries now, things will soon heat up and your mind will be focused on other things!” 😜 she finally pushes play on the dvd whilst she once again retreats to the their room to fetch something else. The dvd plays some kind of porno but not one you have ever seen, not that your all that focused on it as your friend returns clutching a rather large wrapped bundle which she promptly unfurls to reveal an array of various toys, paddles, floggers, a thrones crop, a bull whip and various gags and intruments you dont recognise. “Your gonna have an awesome weekend with me my love 😜” you respond that it’s only Wednesday, confused. “Oh I know” she casts a naughty look “you’ll be here for a while now I mean that’s why we met right? To get freaky? I’m going to blow your mind and show you just about everything I have in my toy box! I want you to experience everything there is to kink after all your my new friend! But soon you’ll be much more! Training is about to begin!!” The strolls to the tv and wheels it to the table directly in from of you, now unlike a moment ago the tv is the focus the woman on the screen leans forward as if aware of this and simply says, “*** is pleasure, pleasure is ***!”


Any feedback would be great :) want a part two let me know!

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