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Masochism newbie

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New to this and in need of some guidance, I’ve been looking for some reading material but I couldn’t find much. Looking for some inspiration on where to take my new found fetish and how to ease my partner into causing me pleasurable ***. 


Obviously I want to be as educated as I can be with regards to the subject so any reading/ experience is much appreciated.




Hey! fellow masochist here. :)  I'm gonna blow my own trumpet, if you google me, you'll find my website and blog. I do a lot of writing on being a masochist, as I try to work out what it means and why I react the way I react. 

Also check out the magazine for useful info on safety, play ideas etc. Here's a couple I think are good reading for any newbies:





I'm a newbie too and I'm currently reading SM101 by Jase Wiseman.

It is full of advice on keeping your play safe. 

It doesn't assume prior knowledge of the scene and explains things really well

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