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**TW** First night out Part 1


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She was everything that every woman wanted to be. She was barely 21, she was hot, she was in college, she was well off. Those with real *** weren't rich, they were well off. She had had her fun for the night, and it was time to go home. She was walking to her car from the bar. She had spent the night there, flirting with the boys and getting them to by her drinks. The poor working class boys who practically begged her to go out with them. How pathetic they were, likely as not to end up in a car with them pawing at her.....she wanted a real man. One that knew what he wanted, and unafraid to get it.
Likely she had let them get her a few too many drinks. She wasn't completely steady on her feet. She also wished she had parked closer to the bar. This was obviously not a great neighborhood, it was completely empty. She turned down an alley, and kept going. Her car was just one block away and then she could relax. She must be letting the neighborhood get to her because she felt like she was being followed, but never saw anything when she looked.
Finally she reached the end of the alley and saw her car. She walked over quickly and reached into her bag for her keys. Suddenly someone reached around her and grabbed her arm. At the same time the other arm slid around her throat. Within a second she found herself locked in a ***hold, and lifted off the ground. It all happened so fast, and she struggled as much as she could. But everything faded fast, and she past out.
Some time later, she woke up. She was a little groggy, and didn't really understand what was going on. She was in a poorly lit place, seemingly floating in midair. She started to move her hands, but they were somehow attached to her waist. Something was on her neck, keeping her head tilted all the way back, she couldn't lift it. She couldn't look, but she could tell that her legs were somehow lifted and spread, and she couldn't move them either.
She was about to start screaming for help, when she noticed something that put real, cold *** in her. It looked like a chair was in front of her....and all of her clothes seemed to be on it. After a moment of reflection, she realized that she was indeed, naked.
Tied up and suspended naked, in a place she didn't even know. She was swaying and bouncing slightly, probably from the movements she had made finding out her predicament.
She heard a voice from below her tell her to go ahead and scream...no one could hear her if anyone that cared was around. She whimpered, and said please don't hurt me. She felt a hand press on her belly, and started. Then another hand started rubbing her clit, hard. She whined and moaned in dismay. After a few seconds she whined more, because it was starting to feel good. She heard the man say that they were going to hurt her, and please her....but more importantly they were going to use her to please themselves all night long. And she was just going to have to take it.
She started blubbering at him to please stop, even as she felt the *** rush to her pussy. It quickly was wet. She was so ashamed. She was trapped by a stranger, tied up, and her body was responding to him. The man stepped away, saying he would be right back. She was ashamed because her body wanted him to come back, even as her mind wanted to be let go. She heard some switches being tripped. A light came on above her, almost like a spotlight. And on either side of the chair a monitor turned on. In it she could see herself. She was in a hanging swing sleeve, completely naked. Arms trapped to the sling, legs lifted and spread wide. She had a collar around her neck that kept her looking up. In one monitor she could see her head from the side. In the other she had a side view of her pussy, which she could even see was wet. How could she possibly have ended up here?

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