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GF said YES to being my slave for a night. NEED HELP ON THE PLAN


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So, I told my gf (for 6 years, so, not rushing into anything, she knows me quite well haha) I wanted her for one night, where i get to do whatever I want to her, and she doesn't get to say no to anything, and she doesnt get to know what happens before.

in turn, to assure her safety, I also said whatever I do to you, you can do the exact same thing back to me at an equal or harsher extent (because I am in complete love with this woman, and I want to show her it's not because I think of her any less than I because she's so much more....plus, I really hope she will like being  domme after ;P ).

She is actually really up for it as long as I get a dildo gag for her, so, score!! Of course I asked her what her limits were before anything, like anything she absolutely doesn't want me to do , and all she said was. no poop (which was relieving for me too), so, she is really up for it.

I'm looking for any ideas and advice on how I can make this better for her. so here's my plan...please let me know how it sounds! :)


Before beginning (things to cover with her)

I love you so much and you are so precious to me 

What the safe word is? If unavailable to speak, just blink and hold up peace signs or something 

Only way safe word works is if you’re in A LOT of ***. There’s going to be some uncomfortableness, there’s going to be some sexy *** involved, but you already gave me your limits so I’m assuming it’s fair game. Don’t *** your safe word and deal with it like a good girl (Me acting a little bit, but I actually will not be hard on the *** with her. dont want to hurt her lol)

From this point until the end of the night, you will call me sir. Nothing else 

If you are going to cum at any point, you must ask my permission. If you cum without permission, you can expect to be punished accordingly.

Just remember, anything you’re experiencing is fair game to do back to me,  So if there’s something you don’t like.. remember you’ll have the chance to make me experience it too. 



Handcuffed and spread on bed w collar and blindfold on. Gets pussy nice and wet with panties on. Stuff panties in her mouth and secure with ball gag. Play with her, tease her, love her body (vibrators). Any wetness or leaking, wipe on her face and mouth. 

.........….……leave here there 5 min........


Re tie her up in doggy style with a spreader for legs. Continue to tease her with vibrators, keep her horny and wipe her juice in her face continuously. Then, Start stretching ass with plugs a bit (BE CAREFUL AND TAKE YOUR TIME). Take her blindfold off after first plug, so she can finally now see. Magic wand her pussy and make her drip at the same time. After you’ve gotten to a larger plug, leave it inserted to stretch her out. Spank/whip her

..................leave her 10 minutes..................


Replace butt plug with jewelry. Take a pic of her cute *** ass and show it to her. Put on nipple clamps. Attach leash to collar and chains to cuffs, parade her around a bit and make her feel ***. 

Have her walk over and straddle an upside down chair. - Cuff her feet and legs and resecure with rope so she can’t move. Take gag out. Have her service your Cock a bit, play with her whip her, tease her. Insert open mouth gag harness. Insert anal hook. Tie hook to harness, but not very tight yet. Tighten nipple clamps a little bit. While her head is cocked back, whip her. Tease her, get her pussy dripping. ALL her sweet juices go into her mouth. Shove your cock in her open mouth, show her what a deep threat feels like for one quick second.  Move to her pussy, and fuck her until you’re about to cum. Move back to mouth, and cum in her mouth. She can either swallow it or have it stay in her mouth, just dripping out. Attach magic wand to be tied on her Clitoris, and tighten her head to her ass hook until shes whimpering, than loosen it just a bit before that point of whimpering. Turn on the wand and leave her struggling and in pleasure all the same time. 

................leave her 10 minutes...................

- if she came without permission...take out hook after 10 minutes and put large plug in. Fuck her in her pussy, and then try the ass (for the first time ever!). If successful, cum in it, replug and leave her there 10 min (give her head a rest at this point)

- BUT If she was good girl....let her out 

- If you went too hard when she couldnt speak...allow her to put chastity cage on you right away until she decides when she wants your turn.  (we already have one, which I love)


For those of you who actually read this, thank you lol 

If she hasn't done already expect a ring on that finger 👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
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