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Swingers club virginity breaking night tonight, help!


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Always wanted to try it so registered to go to hellfire tonight but am getting more and more anxious due to going by myself and not really knowing atmosphere is genuinley like in these places. And help would be more than ace! x



Ok, having attended a number of swinger clubs in past and having been  swinger for the past ten years, going as a single guy is generally more difficult, there is no getting away from that.

Be friendly, polite, non pushy and remember you need to be invited to play.

In swinger circles, the woman is very much in control, but be respectful of her and her partner.

Just try to relax, smile and be friendly.

Some cpls are there because the female wants to have more men joining in with hubby, generally though, cpls are looking to play with other cpls.

Just be friendly, chat to people, you may be invited to join them but whatever you do accept a no with good Grace and without being funny or throwing a strop.

People are very social as these clubs and all are out to enjoy the evening.

Go with an open mind, enjoy the views and any chats you have.

Don' get pissed either, not cool or attractive to playmates.

Have a great time 😁



I've heard they're usually friendly places with a great atmosphere x
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No worries, it's usually very nice there and try to make contact with the bar or club personnel. They are usually very nice and helpful and give you some Tipps or forward you to the right persons to talk to.


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