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**TW** First Night Out Part 3


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After what seemed like forever, she had a moment to breath. Nobody stepped up in front of her. She had a view of the monitors. She saw and felt several men touching her all over. Also she saw with trepidation a man step up in-between her legs. She cried out please don't, I am not on birth control as she watched him start to aim his hard cock at her opening. The man looked at her, then looked into the camera, and said ok. She almost sighed with relief, when he changed his aim and drove deep into her ass. She screamed with the *** and *** of it. He pulled back and drove in deeper. She heard him say that she had a nice tight ass, but that would change. She watched for a few seconds, moaning, as he fucked her in the ass. Them her view of the monitors was blocked, and another cock went in her mouth.
Without mercy, they continued to change places. Fucking her throat and her ass without mercy. She couldn't do anything about it, which humiliated her. They never asked her permission, which thrilled her. Within a short period of time her body was actually doing all it could to help them. She hated it, she wanted more of it. She couldn't control her bodies reactions. Finally she had a strong orgasm that she couldn't stop.
She knew they had all had a turn at her ass, and multiple turns at her mouth and throat. Then the next man who stepped between her legs said it's time for you now. Instead of sliding into her now wide open ass, she felt him take her soaking wet vagina. She couldn't help but buck and moan as she took a cock down her throat. She took it deeply, with relish now. Over and over they switched until she came again, bucking hard.
She felt her hands and feet being loosened. She felt herself being picked up and moved. Even her collar was removed. She was thrown on a bed. She was now naked on a bed, recently fucked hard by several men. They were standing around her with their hard cocks pointed at her. She felt her hands move, each of their own will, grab a different cock each, and start stroking. Right now she realized that at this moment, she was a sex object.....and she wanted to be used.

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