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Financial Domination


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This purely just came into my head and I thought it might be relevant ..

It would seem that the world of is very open to being exploited by anyone wanting to make a fast buck or two ... how would a person new to this spot a genuine amongst the multitudes who demand ***?

This is purely a hypothetical question as it isn’t my thing .. I already have many mistresses that demand ever increasing amounts for tribute and loyalty .. they are called bills! Lol

Just though as a topic it might be useful for someone


I think this is a good subject


everyone play nice.  I'd like this to stay for flags about spotting if someone is fake or genuine and not any form of attack against those who send, receive, or ask for payment.


For me a major red flag is if you are the one contacted.  If someone comes into your inbox and tries to take you off site, or asks for ***, or overpromises then yeah, it's a scam 

Sometimes context can apply.  I mean, if you make a post that's like "Oh, I'd love to find someone in my area who is into *whatever*" and someone says "I'm in your area and I am into *whatever* BUT I do require a tribute" that might not be a scam.

I often think when guys contact a lot of people and only get responses from people asking *** it says more about the guy (and lack of quality control) than the person asking for tribute (scam or otherwise)

But still...

A lot depends on your expectancy.  If you are talking to someone and they ask for pay to continue - do you want to talk to them?  If no. Stop. If yes, then it's in their interest to continue to talk to you as they will continue to ask for payment.   

I probably wouldn't continue.  It's not that I'm against it  - but there are a whole bunch of sites set up for paid chats which offer protection to both seller and buyer - if I was to hypothetically pay to chat to someone,  I'd use those.   


If it's someone who is working professionally who is wanting tribute to meet/play/etc then it's also common they will want a deposit.  This is because if you don't turn up as well as having their time wasted, they'll also have overheads (the dungeon still needs the hire paid, for example) so obviously something to protect 'genuine' people is something that scammers sometimes exploit.

So. Does she have a website? Is she present on sites where she'd need to verify her identity? Has she made clips you can watch? (sure, you might need to pay for these - but literally a couple of quid/couple of dollars versus risking more or safety)

Also - paying for a session is NOT financial domination - but many people confuse it for it ("I'm using finances to be dominated?!" - no...) and so is important to be safe.  Luckily we're beyond the days of photos in phoneboxes or text adds in the back of magazines - but honestly... people get worried about being scammed out of £50-£100 when actually, someone who doesn't know what they're doing with toys etc. can cause serious or permanent ***.   So if you can see evidence she enjoys activities you want to do and knows what she's doing then that helps keep you safe there.



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As @eyemblacksheep has said, and it's an important distinction to make: Financial Domination is not the same thing as a Female Domme who charges for her time or services. Financial Domination actually goes a lot deeper and is quite a specialist area within FemDom. 

If a Domme is approaching you asking for a 'tribute' or payment up front, that is bad manners and a good indication that she could be a scammer who's just trying to make quick ***. 

However, I fully support professional Domme's who charge for their trouble, their time and their expertise. But like any professional service you're seeking, you have to do the legwork on qualifying if she's worth her fee. 

My own expectation is that a male sub will take me out for a meal, treat me like a Goddess, and at the bare minimum he'll pay for the hotel when we meet up to play. Gifts make me feel special and grant favour upon him so these are welcome too. None of that classes as Financial Domination. 

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